New publication: A history with cosmopolitan intent? Postcolonial Perspectives on “weltwärts

The weltwärts voluntary service is intended to make it possible to experience a “personal contribution to a just world”. But what ideas go hand in hand with This service, which takes place in a context of unequal power relations, is accompanied by the political context moves? With the help of postcolonial and feminist theories Kristina […]

weltwärts without helping?

The website of the development policy volunteer service weltwärts has been completely redesigned. Not only has the layout changed, but a realignment in terms of content has also been announced. In the follow-up process of the evaluation, it was decided to delete the much-criticized slogan “Learning by actively helping” without replacement. From now on, Weltwärts […]

Response from the weltwärts-Team of Welthaus Bielefeld to our open letter about the brochure “Where please go to weltwärts?”

Bielefeld, 26.02.2013 Statement on the controversy about the brochure: “Where can I go to weltwärts? “by the weltwärts department of Welthaus Bielefeld Dear people from glokal e.V., dear people who have worked with the above mentioned brochure so far, dear all who are involved in the preparation for weltwärts volunteers. We are writing to you […]

ASA Program’s response to our open letter on the brochure “Where Please Go to weltwärts?”

Dear Glokal Team, We are pleased to accept your invitation to enter into an exchange about a constructive-critical discussion of methods. We use the aforementioned brochure in a very reduced way, it is not sold through us at all. As you know, we deal with the topics you mentioned mainly in the context of our […]

Answer from the author of the brochure: Where please go to weltwärts? to our open letter to the ASA Program and Welthaus Bielefeld

Welthaus Bielefeld – Education Department Georg Krämer ( 13-5- 2012 Brochure Welthaus Bielefeld: Where please go to weltwärts? Your letter from May 3, 2012 Reply to “glokal e.V.” Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, your verdict is so beautifully clear: our brochure is “very problematic and racist” or uses “racist stereotypes throughout”, “people of the Global South […]

Open letter to ASA and Welthaus Bielefeld about the brochure: “Where please does it go to weltwärts?”

Letter downloadable as PDF here From glokal e.V., Chorinerstr. 6, 10119 Berlin, To ASA Program for the attention of Florin Feldmann Lützowufer 6-9 10785 Berlin Welthaus Bielefeld e.V. for the attention of Georg Krämer August Bebel Str. 62 33602 Bielefeld Berlin, April 20, 2012 Subject: Brochure “Where please go to weltwärts?” Ladies and gentlemen, […]

The new fun EZ

With the slogan “Brave types – extremely help” the Hamburg campaign Viva con Aqua writes out at present a journey to Uganda as price for a profit play. The tender text states: “You will fly from Germany to Uganda accompanied by a Viva-con-Agua staff member on 18.03.2016. […] In Kampala you will meet Nobert Latim […]

Others about glokal

General A presentation of the work of glokal e.V. on the portal Learning from History. sonntagsblatt (No. 5 of 31.1.2016) about a workshop with mission groups in Munich Interview with glokal: A critical examination of the topic of volunteering and voluntary services by Camilla Lindner. Interview with glokal: This interview served, among other things, as […]

Awards and references

glokal e.V. has already been awarded four times by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and at the WeltWeitWissen Congress as an outstanding example of global learning and education for sustainable development. 2018 for the eLearning tool“connecting the dots 2014 for the module “Development-Racism-Resistance: Making (Dis-)Continuities Visible”. 2009 for the module […]

Develop-mental Turn

In April, the Berliner Entwicklungspolitische Ratschlag e.V. (BER) published “Develop-mental Turn. Neue Beiträge zu einer rassismuskritischen entwicklungspolitischen Bildungs- und Projektarbeit.”, a new edition of the brochure “Von Trommlern und Helfern” published in 2007. In addition to many new articles on current discussions on racism critique and development cooperation, the brochure contains a number of articles […]