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ZEP – Journal for International Educational Research and Development Education

  • Global Learning and the Debate on Postcoloniality | Annette Scheunpflug | Free Download
  • The Complexity of Empowering Responsible Subjects | Christoph Steinbrink | Free Download

Reactions to a workshop critical of racism at the Goethe University Frankfurt




Reactions to the open letter to Klett

Reactions to the “mangoes & bullets” portal

Reactions to the open letter “Decolonize orientation framework”.

  • [edmc id=”1781″]Statement by Georg Krämer[/edmc], expert promoter for global learning at Welthaus Bielelfeld.
  • [edmc id=”1780″]Statement of Open School 21[/edmc] on the reactions regarding the Open Letter “Decolonize Orientation Framework” by Berlin Postkolonial, glokal, IMAFREDU, karfi and moveglobal.

Reactions to the “Education for Sustainable InequalityAnalysis

Reactions to the brochure “With colonial greetings ...”

Further (scientific) reactions to the work of glokal

  • Racism and Development Policy, by Henning Melber, in Fischer/Hauck/Boatc.ă (ed.) Handbook of Development Research. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2016, 303-313.
  • You Whites Are Still Racists!” Experiences with German and African Students in Ghana (West Africa), by Bea Lundt, in Brüning/Deile/Lücke (eds.) Historisches Lernen als Rassismuskritik. Schwalbach/Ts.: Wochenschau Verlag, 2016, 95-16.
  • I’ll be there! On the Difficult Arrival of White Student Teachers in African Countries and the Task of History as a Subject in the Face of Agenda 2030, by Bea Lundt, in Zeitschrift für Geschichtsdidaktik 15, 2016, 31-45.
  • University teaching in the tension of global contexts – exemplary alienations in learning about Africa, by Susanne Timm, in ZEP 37th year, issue 4, 2014, 20-24.
  • Global Learning, by Barbara Asbrand and Annette Scheunpflug, in Sander (ed.) Handbuch politische Bildung. Schalbach/Ts.: Wochenschau Verlag, 2014.

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