Here you will find an overview of our educational formats (workshops, seminars and lectures) as well as our power-critical-systemic consulting work (organizational and team development, coaching, supervision, mediation and editing).

For details on the topics, target groups, formats and our conditions listed below, please use our contact form. Among others, we have already cooperated with the following organizations in the past.


  • postcolonial perspectives on “development policy” contexts: analysis of structures and contents of DC in the context of global injustice and continuities of colonial power and domination structures as well as reference to the participants’ own environment (TN).
  • Racism and anti-racism: racism as a social problem and not (only) as a problem of single individuals, historical emergence, self-reflection and change of social structures.
  • Empowerment: Space of learning and self-empowerment for people with experiences of racism and other discrimination, networking with like-minded people and joint search for options for action.
  • power-critical analysis of work structures (also process support): Analysis and reflection of the everyday work environment from a postcolonial, intersectional, power- and domination-critical perspective as well as joint development of concrete options for action for the participants.
  • History and politics of memory: Historical perspectives on ruptures and continuities of hegemonic historiography on different topics from colonial racism to “development politics” to capitalism with special emphasis on resistances and social alternatives.
  • other topics from a postcolonial, power- and domination-critical perspective, such as racism in text and imagery and climate justice.

Our goal is to work out differences and commonalities of various structures of power, domination and exploitation, to reflect on their interconnectedness and to jointly develop perspectives for action.

Target groups

  • Multipliers in political education
  • Diasporas and refugees
  • Committed and employees in political organizations/initiatives and collectives
  • Committed and employees in solidarity structures, facilities, institutions for refugees
  • Employees of public authorities and institutions (culture, museums, educational institutions)
  • Professionals in development cooperation
  • Volunteers from the Global South and North
  • School classes and youth groups


The formats listed below are each designed in consultation with the booking organization so that we can address the specific issues and needs in each case.

a. Workshops and seminars (ONLINE + PRESENCE)

  • Duration: From 1/2-day (in Berlin) over 1-day up to one week
  • Conception and management: two experienced speakers with different social positions
  • Topic and content: will be adapted to the target group in a preliminary telephone conversation with the speakers.
  • Group size: 8-20 participants, for in-house seminars at least 4 participants

Workshops: Educational offerings include a historical and/or theoretical entry point where knowledge and perspectives are shared and discussed. According to the target group, this is followed by a more advanced phase of analysis and reflection on one’s own or others’ discourses and/or practice and the development of possibilities for action.
In-house seminars:
Frequent topics in in-house seminars are, for example, the postcolonial and power-critical reflection of one’s own public relations, education and partnership work as well as organizational structure.

b. Lectures
We are happy to come to your conference, evening event or multi-day seminars to give lectures. Lectures are no substitute for intensive, substantive work on the topics, but they can provide food for thought. As a rule, we also give lectures in pairs.

c. Organizational development
Institutions, organizations and initiatives that want to approach change processes in a power-critical way have the opportunity to be supported by experienced process facilitators from glokal. Our process support is based on the power-critical-systemic consulting approach.

d. Consulting, facilitation, evaluation, coaching, supervision and mediation
We offer individual consulting, facilitation at events, as well as coaching, supervision and mediation from a power-critical and systemic perspective. More on that here soon.

e. Critical editing
In our workshops and seminars, we often work with booking organizations (museums, collections, educational institutions, and NIGO) to analyze their outreach materials or even educational concepts. This is not just about image selection and wording, but also about target group conceptualization (e.g., who is the material directed at and who does it exclude?) and the focus of the work (e.g., what levels of injustice are included in the organization’s objective and which are not?). With our offer of critical editing, we want to support organizations to reflect on these questions. Often, one or two telephone consultations are enough to help, but sometimes the inquirers need further talks or even an in-house seminar for several employees.

Book an offer via contact form.