Webinar Series: Decolonial Approaches in Partnerships, Public Relations and Fundraising

First round: Registration by February 21, 2024!
Our new project, funded by PFQ and BfdW, includes three webinar series for those active in development organizations and initiatives as well as for everyone who is committed to global justice. We particularly invite BIPoC, activists from migrant self-organizations and people from the diaspora.

The aim is to jointly develop ideas for alternative options for racism and power-sensitive or empowered practices in “partnership work”, public relations and fundraising.

The target group is actors from development NGOs, groups and initiatives as well as activists who are committed to global justice. BIPoC or activists from migrant self-organizations as well as people from the diaspora are expressly invited.

Further information and registration details can be found under the respective links:

Webinar series March to May 2024: Focus on collaboration with “partners” in African countries Registration only possible until February 21, 2024!

Webinar series April to June 2024: Focus on collaboration with “partners” in Abya Yala/Latin America (German language link)