glokal e.V. has published the following publications:

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Global Remembering (digital)
The global history of your city! How to participate (2022)

“I return a million times!”
In appreciation of the resistance against colonialism (2022), in German

Connecting the Dots
Learning from history(s) on oppression and resistance (2017), in German

The tip of the iceberg
Fundraising by international aid organizations – criticism and alternatives (2017), in German

Welcome without paternalism
Help and support in the refugee solidarity work (2017), in German

The fairy tale of eye level
Power and Solidarity in North-South Partnerships (2016), in German

mangoes and bullets
Materials for thinking and acting critical of racism and domination (2014-present).

Education for sustainable inequality?
A Postcolonial Analysis of Development Education Materials in Germany (2013).

With colonial greetings …
Reports and narratives of stays abroad viewed with a critical eye on racism (2012 and 2013)

The (German) One-World Work from a Single Source?
In the detailed article, Lucía Muriel discusses, for example, the functionalization of migrants and current challenges in cooperation.

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