With colonial greetings …

Reports and Narratives from Stays Abroad Critiqued for Racism. Completely revised edition of the brochure, 2013

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“With colonial greetings …
Reports and Narratives of Stays Abroad Viewed Critically of Racism.”

About the new edition:
In the revised edition, the topics of gender relations and capitalism are dealt with more intensively and, overall, greater consideration is given to different power relations and their interplay. A chapter has been added to the brochure that highlights the complexity of travel to the Global South from a perspective of Color. In addition, the brochure is now available with a more legible font and online as an accessible document.

About the content:
When we travel or even go to the Global South for a longer period of time, we experience an immense amount and would like to tell our friends and relatives at home and share our experiences and impressions with them. No matter whether we travel as tourists, e.g. as backpackers, or do a job, volunteer service or an internship there – we take pictures and tell in emails, social media, (circular) letters or our own blog how we are doing, what moves us, surprises us, makes us happy or irritates us. Back again, the telling and showing of photos usually really get going.
This fully revised booklet provides an entry point for people who want to think about the ways in which their perceptions and accounts of the Global South are implicated in racist and colonial structures. It introduces central themes such as colonialism and racism and deals with questions of one’s own social positioning. It illustrates the power of language and imagery to make an impact and highlights some of the narrative patterns that often appear in reports. Guiding questions and suggestions enable readers to take a self-critical look at their own ideas, ways of speaking and images and to develop alternative options for action on this basis.

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About the creation of the brochure

As glokal e.V. we have been working for several years in (development) political education, also in the preparation and follow-up as well as accompaniment of young people who do a voluntary service, a youth exchange or a student exchange in countries of the global south. Through our work, we have noticed time and again that many of the reports, blogs, and images do not match, and in fact contradict, the content of the educational support and the goals of the organizations and support programs. While, for example, the topics of prejudice and racism are often a concern for trainers at accompanying seminars, people and countries of the global south are predominantly portrayed stereotypically and racist in the reports – whether consciously or unconsciously. All of this is, of course, part of how the global South is generally represented in and by the global North, e.g. in textbooks or in the media. Our own experiences as travelers, reports from friends and acquaintances, and the knowledge that participants of volunteer services in the global south often spend a large part of their free time communicating with friends and family and reporting on their experiences led us to dedicate ourselves to this topic.


With colonial regards …
Reports and narratives from stays abroad through the lens of antiracist critique (publication only available in German)

When we travel to the global South or stay there for extended periods of time, we experience a great deal and have lot of new impressions, which we then often want to share with our friends and family back home. Whether we are backpacking, have a job, do volunteer service or an internship – we take photographs and write e-mails, letters, postcards or express in various social media or blogs things that move and surprise us, make us happy or are irritating. Upon returning home, we often truly start off with showing photos and telling stories.

This booklet aims to provide the first steps into thinking and perhaps understanding how our perceptions and reports of the global South are mixed up with colonial and racist structures. It familiarises the readers with central issues such as power relations within the global context, colonialism and racism, as well as the influence of images and language. Further, some of the narrative patterns that commonly emerge in reports from stays abroad are also analyzed. Questions and suggestions allow the readers to self-critically zoom into their own perceptions, manners of speaking and image taking, and help to develop alternative courses of action.

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About the editors

glokal e.V. is an association based in Berlin that works in development education. We grasp current North-South relations as fundamentally grounded in their colonial past and as
pervaded by asymmetrical and racist power relations. We therefore depart from a postcolonial perspective and critically zoom into all fo