Timeline anti-Semitism

glokal links educational work critical of racism and anti-Semitism: In our new project, we expand the portfolio of our timeline method and the eLearning tool connecting the dots. In doing so, our timeline method is supplemented by 30 quotes and resolutions on educational work critical of anti-Semitism. As usual in the timeline method, we work with reproductive as well as resistive sources in order to show anti-Semitic ruptures and continuities of the last 21 centuries. At the same time, the method is well-suited for a hands-on treatment of various forms and aspects of anti-Semitism in the present. The new module is available in three languages (German, English, Arabic) and can be booked now. Soon it will also be available on our website, as well as digitally on the eLearning tool connecting the dots page.

Components of the project are the extension of the eLearning tool connecting the dots. History(s) of Oppression and Resistance around perspectives critical of anti-Semitism.

The glokal e.V. project is in cooperation with the ISD-Bund e.V. and the Museum Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf – Villa Oppenheim. In addition, the project is supported by Tahir Della, promoter of postcolonialism and antiracism in Berlin.

The project will run from July 2021 to August 2022.

Sponsorship by: The project is sponsored by the EVZ Foundation.