Newsletter February 2024

Dear friends,

In our first newsletter of the year we would like to inform you about our educational offers for 2024. Sign up!

1. Registration for the qualification series ʼAt eye level? Decolonial and empowering approaches in working with “partners” in African countries until February 21, 2024

“The training is exactly what we need in the North-South context!” (O-ton series 2023)

Our new webinar series “At eye level? Decolonial and empowering approaches” starts on March 4, 2024 with a focus on African countries. Register here by February 21, 2024!

The qualification series is aimed at those active in development organizations and initiatives as well as everyone who is committed to global justice. We particularly invite BIPoC, activists from migrant self-organizations and people from the diaspora.

In four modules (data and more information can be found here) we track down internalized colonial patterns and strategies and develop alternative strategies for action together. We give space to the special role of BIPoCs or migrant-diasporic actors temporarily and when necessary through Safer Spaces.

Currently, project work with African “partners” is built on a very uneven basis. Funds and guidelines come from Germany and people from Germany are often deployed in the partner countries, even though they lack knowledge of the local structures. But racism and other power relationships are also (unconsciously) reproduced in direct collaboration on site or in teams here in Germany. Dealing with this reproduction is a comprehensive process. It starts with self-empowerment against these conditions on the black/of color side or self-reflection on the white side. The voices of migrant-diasporic actors are indispensable for the critical discourses on the decolonization of partnership work.

The aim is to jointly develop ideas for alternative options for action and racism and power-sensitive or empowered practices in “partnership work”. The series is part of the project supported by the PFQ program and Bread for the World. You can find more information about the project and the other focal points here.

2. Registration open for 2024: NGOs, institutions, groups and initiatives can book subsidized workshops in the “Medical Care for All?” project

In 2024, we would like to test the educational materials created in the project in 2023 for practical suitability in the form of digital test workshops (webinars). Medical and/or development NGOs, institutions, groups and initiatives can register for this. Please write to us using our contact form if you are interested in a workshop!

The content of the digital workshops is intended to sensitize groups of people who travel to the Global South to deal with people from the Global South in Germany or BIPoC who work in the medical field to the problem of racism in medicine . empowered and alternative options for action made visible. In the medium term, the workshop participants can become active themselves as potential multipliers and apply the knowledge they have learned.
The workshops can be held in German or English. We have a solidarity price system so that groups with less financial resources can benefit from the workshops just as much as those who have more financial resources.
We have therefore initially set a price range of between €600-800 per group workshop (with two glocal speakers each). As always, our prices are negotiable. Of course, we also welcome transparent inquiries who would like to support our political work with a small additional contribution. The funded workshop contingents for 2024 are limited!

Some group workshops for the first quarter of 2024 have already been taken. Contact us if your NGO, institution, group or initiative is interested in a workshop from spring to the end of 2024. You are welcome to forward this offer from us in newsletters and networks in order to reach potentially interested parties.

You can find more information about our project here.

3. Offers: City tours and student workshops in the Global Remembering project

In 2024, city tours in Berlin will be held again as part of the Global Remembering project. Are you interested in exploring Berlin-Charlottenburg on the topic of interconnections between German and Turkish history and, above all, getting to know the district better and in a new way through Jewish, Armenian, communist and social democratic biographies?
Would you like to book a city tour on the topic of colonial history and resistance as a group?
Then please contact us at geschichte[ät]glokal[punkt]org.

Even if you would like to take part in our project as a group of students, for example through a workshop, a city tour or by contributing to our city maps, please write to us at the email above or instruct your teacher!

We wish you a good start into 2024!

Your team from glokal e.V.