Global Memory

It is not only in Germany that the idea of separate and competing nation-states continues to prevail. This is largely codified by nationally demarcated historical narratives. In contrast, we see the need for a transnational memory space. In the project we would like to devote ourselves to the global interconnections of history and the present. We are targeting students, young people, young and older adults, multipliers, museum staff and the general public. Because examples of global connections and stories, e.g. of oppression and resistance, can be found in many places! Only these story(s) are often not written down or their global connections are not remembered.

The main measure of the project is the development of a digital city map in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Kassel and Cologne in cooperation with local researchers and groups. This map shows locally anchored global-historical connections for each of these cities by:
– Biographies of people who have worked in the respective city
– thematic city tours on global stories
– Events that show global-historical connections
Thus, the map promotes the perception of international connectedness through shared globally networked history(s).

There is also the possibility to actively participate in the project! If you would like to research biographies, thematic tours or events for the map individually, with a group or school class, in order to depict the global entanglements of history and the present in different places in Germany, please contact us at geschichte[ÄT]glokal[DOT]org.

The map launch took place on 26.08.2022 as part of the Documenta15 art fair in Kassel.

Other components of the project Project are educational measures and the further development and translation of existing global history materials such as the eLearning tool connecting the dots. History(s) of oppression and resistance.

Lokale Globalgeschichte is a joint project of glokal e.V., ISD-Bund e.V. and Recherche international e.V. In addition, the project is supported by Tahir Della, promoter for postcolonialism and antiracism in Berlin.

The project runs from May 2020 to the end of December 2022, the second round from January 2023 until December 2024. For more information, contact: geschichte[ÄT]glokal[PUNKT]org

For information, we recommend from our project staff*:

The project is funded by Engagement Global with financial support from the BMZ, as well as from budget funds of the State of Berlin – Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit and Bread for the World.