Connecting the Dots

Learning from history(s) on oppression and resistance, 2017, in German

Has the past passed? Is it free of contradictions, unchanging and supported by historical facts? Have we even reached the “end of history”?

There are countless blanks in the hegemonic historiography. Many stories that are important for shaping our present and imagining possible futures have not even been written yet.

The 136-page publication ‘Connecting the Dots – Learning from History(s) on Oppression and Resistance’ was produced as part of a historical-postcolonial project by glokal. It is a complement to our eLearning tool of the same name, Connecting the Dots, where quotations from over 500 years are used to contrast different historiographies – on development, capitalism, colonialism, or sexualities, for example – hegemonic and resistant perspectives. To do this, we build on the knowledge archives of countless social movements, political groups, and individuals.

We have brought these perspectives together in this publication in order to provide readers with suggestions for decolonial educational work, both in terms of content and methodology.

The brochure can be ordered from us here.

Downloads of parts of the brochure:
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