Newsletter December 2023

Dear friends,

At the end of the year we reflected again and thought it would be nice to start 2024 with new ideas.

1. 24 Inspirations for 2024 – Social Media Calendar

That’s why we created our social media calendar “24 Inspirations for 2024”, which you can read on our social media channels (facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram) for a full 24 days starting tomorrow, December 1st, 2023. Get inspired!

2. Still have money to waste? Order glokal brochures!

There is often something left in the coffee box at the end of the year and our brochures come in at just the right time: by ordering our publications you support our work! You can find our print brochures here:

  • “I will return a million times!” In Honor of Resistance to Colonialism (2022)
  • Connecting the Dots. Learning from stories about oppression and resistance (2017)
  • Welcome without paternalism. Help and solidarity in support work (2017)
  • The fairy tale of eye level. Power and Solidarity in North-South Partnerships (2016)
  • With colonial greetings… Reports and stories from stays abroad viewed from a critical perspective on racism (2013)

3. Our offers for 2024 summarized

You can book workshops, process support, lectures and proofreading critical of racism here.

Empowerment and awareness-raising seminars for associations and institutions that are located in the area of development work and/or health care/medicine: Inquiries about this can be made using the contact form on our website.
Critical cartography (more about the project here): Get in touch at geschichte[ät]glokal[dot]org if you want your city to be part of it from 2024!

Qualification series “At eye level? Decolonial and empowering approaches in “partnership work” 2024 (subject to funding commitment)
The focus on African countries is planned 4 times on Thursdays from March to May in 2024 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (exact dates to follow),
The dates for the focus on Abya Yala have already been set: April 22nd; 13.5; 3.6; June 24th, from 2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Another webinar with a focus on public relations and fundraising is scheduled to take place in autumn 2024.

The webinars were quickly booked out. If you are interested, please register with an email with the subject: Qualification series – and your desired focus: anmelde[ät]glokal[dot]org, in order to find out about the registration early.

4. What happened at glokal in 2023?

In 2023 we once again implemented more than 60 workshops, seminars, organizational consultations and process support.

We have also started three projects:

One: Medical care for everyone

Here we conducted two research workshops in September and October 2023 with participants who are all employed in the field of medical care and/or development education work and are particularly BIPOC. Here we have prepared articles that you will soon be able to read on our new medicine timeline or on our material platform. The first articles in our inspiration calendar in December 2023 offer a small insight.
The project team (Amina Hikari Fall and Dennis Sadiq Kirschbaum) took part in various networking meetings and conferences (“Decolonize Health Conference”) and wrote articles (anthology “Therapy Intersectional”).

From 2024, we will be offering specific empowerment and awareness-raising seminars for associations and institutions that are active in the area of development work and/or health care/medicine. We look forward to receiving interested inquiries about this via the contact form on our website.

Two: Global Remembering II: The global history of your city!

The Global Remembering project deals with global networks in five different cities so far. You can visit our digital city maps here. In each city there are historical events, themed city tours and people related to global history: strikes by migrant workers; Places of African organization in Europe; People who were active in the international resistance against fascism. Some places were central to emigration from Europe, others played an important role in global economic relations then and now. Traces of German colonialism, National Socialism and right-wing extremist violence can also be traced on the maps.

You can also find an overview of our new posts in the inspiration calendar on our social media channels (see above).

In 2023, we also worked with museum staff and students in workshops, offered two city tours and networked with initiatives in new cities to expand our maps. Get in touch at geschichte[ät]glokal[dot]org if you want your city to be there from 2024!

Three: Qualification series “At eye level? Decolonial and empowering approaches in “partnership work”

In two rounds of 4 modules each – once with a focus on African countries and once on Abya Yala – Margarita Rodriguez Ornelas, Mariana Lo Sasso, Lawrence Oduro-Sarpong and Kristina Kontzi worked with 44 representatives of networks, organizations and individuals who are committed to development policy to decolonial and empower Approaches in partnership work are tested and further developed together. Each person was able to work on their specific construction site in a very practical way in partnership work. The feedback was consistently positive.

Subject to the commitment of funds, we will resume the series in 2024 (see 3 above for dates).

We wish you an inspiring December and a good start into the new year,

Your team from glocal