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Industrial action in the education sector: current & past events

After the [edmc id=”1727″]dismissal of a total of 17 seminar leaders at the Konradshöhe youth training center, which is affiliated with the trade unions[/edmc], those dismissed are fighting back. We would like to take the [edmc id=”1721″]call for solidarity[/edmc] as well as the online petition of the (former) seminar leaders as an opportunity to remind of other similar labor struggles, which often only find their space on mailing lists and thus reach a very limited public.

Firstly, an [edmc id=”1725″]e-mail[/edmc] sent by autsch3000 in January 2011, which referred to a [edmc id=”1733″]job advertisement from ASA[/edmc] and in which explicit [edmc id=”1732″]rejections[/edmc] were requested to be sent to ASA. Furthermore, an email sent in January 2012 from [edmc id=”1723″]abersonstgehtsnoch[/edmc], which referred to a [edmc id=”1726″]job advertisement from ICJA[/edmc].

In the meantime, resistance has been mounting, especially in academia. On the Facebook page of the Academic Spring Initiative, more and more examples are being collected around the topic of appropriate working conditions and living wages, especially in academia and the non-profit sector, and a networking of those affected is being promoted.

The daily newspaper die taz reported at the end of August on other incidents (e.g. at the DGB Bildungswerk) and on the contradiction between denouncing precarious working conditions and excluding oneself from them. Researcher, author and trainer Urmila Goel takes up the article and explains why higher daily rates are necessary. However, the power to decide about them is usually not in the hands of the precarious education workers.