In-house workshops

With the format “Inhouse-Workshop” we offer internal workshops for institutions, organizations, departments or initiatives on their own current concerns. In-house workshops are usually one to three days long and are possible with a minimum of four participants. Frequent topics are e.g. the postcolonial and power-critical reflection of the own public relations, education and partnership work as well as the organizational structure. In addition, there is the development of mission statements and the search for visions, as well as power-critical team development. Each workshop is tailored to the organization so that we can address the specific issues and needs at hand. A detailed preliminary discussion of the content provides an important basis for this.

The workshops are usually divided into three phases: A phase of sensitization and knowledge transfer is followed by an analysis phase of one’s own work and concluded with a phase of planning possibilities for action and the next steps. In-house workshops can also be a prelude to longer change processes, which can be further accompanied by us if desired (see process support).

A limited number of in-house workshops can be (co-)financed through existing funding and with an own contribution of 100,00€. If you are interested, please write/write an email to us.