Supervision is a form of group counseling in which individual issues and (conflict) cases are worked on together. We offer supervision on issues of discrimination and one’s own entanglement in power relations (e.g. for teams in power-critical change processes). The group serves as a learning space. At the same time, all group members are also consultants and can profitably contribute their own experiences, hypotheses and questions. Various systemic supervision methods can be used. We also lead collegial counseling upon request.

As a rule, supervision sessions take place recurrently in the same group, but one-off sessions are also possible. The group can either consist of a fixed team that works together on a day-to-day basis, or it is composed of people who have similar issues, professional positions and/or tasks.

We offer supervision from a white perspective, but are happy to recommend supervisors of color.

Unfortunately, we do not have funding available for supervision at this time. The costs for this must therefore be borne by the employers themselves.