New publication: A history with cosmopolitan intent? Postcolonial Perspectives on “weltwärts

The weltwärts voluntary service is intended to make it possible to experience a “personal
contribution to a just world”. But what ideas go hand in hand with
This service, which takes place in a context of unequal power relations, is accompanied by the
political context moves? With the help of postcolonial and feminist theories
Kristina Kontzi examines the representations and program structures. She asks
their colonial heritage and benefits for the participants. In the focus of discourse analysis
The critical examination of concepts of development is connected with the
with those of a cosmopolitanism, which as a pedagogical answer to globalization issues
The dissertation shows the entanglement of colonial history and the present of developmental engagement. It illustrates the need to develop a
to take a power-critical perspective on programs of this kind, in order to
Not to reproduce power relations, but to be able to change them.

The book is published by Nomos and available here. For event inquiries, please email the author.