power critical systemic organizational consulting

Institutions, organizations and initiatives that are already in power-critical change processes or want to tackle them have the opportunity to be supported by our experienced process facilitators. Our process support is based on the power-critical-systemic consulting approach. Both processes that affect an entire organization and processes that are limited to individual topics or departments can be accompanied in this way.
As a rule, these are longer processes (one-year, better multi-year), which can be classified as follows.

Preparatory phase: Here, goals and the intensity of the process are jointly defined, an organizational diagnosis is made, a coordination group is found and the so-called architecture of the process is put together (incl. definition of framework conditions, budget, task of process support, etc.). With the decision to begin the process, and often an official kickoff, the process moves to the next phase.

Phase of the actual change process: Possible measures here include workshops, regular meetings of the coordination group, large group conferences, and work in specialist committees and working groups.

Phase of stabilizing the process: This revolves around the question of how the changes that have been worked out can be perpetuated and stabilized and sustainably anchored in the work and culture of the organization.

A special focus of the process facilitators is on the first phase of process preparation. How often and in which formats (e.g. meetings with the coordination group, coaching for decision-makers, moderation of large group events) the support takes place beyond that will be jointly clarified and contractually regulated in the first phase. Unfortunately, we currently have no funding available for process support. The costs for this must therefore be borne by the organizations themselves. However, we are happy to advise on applications for our own funding.