Open letter to the KLETT publishing house: “Meine I***hefte”.

In September 2015, we wrote the following letter to Klett-Verlag to intervene against their I***books:


Dear Klett PR Team,

Today marks the start of the new school year in Baden-Württemberg, the home of your publishing house, and one of the last German states to do so. Throughout Germany, many thousands of students will be taught this school year with the series “Meine Indianerhefte” (My Indian Booklets), which they have published. In our opinion, the booklets are stereotypical and discriminatory and should not be used as teaching materials. We are therefore addressing you today with an Open Letter. Together with over 200 signatories from schools, academia, politics and civil society, we call on you to discontinue the series “My Indian Booklets”. The detailed justification can be found in the appendix. We ask you to forward our letter to your management.

The letter apparently reached you before it was officially sent, whereupon you fortunately contacted us. We are pleased that you are “open to critical impulses […] at any time” and thank you for the invitation to a direct discussion. We are happy to accept the invitation to a meeting in Berlin. We will contact you about this by phone in the next few days.

Since this is an open letter, we reserve the right to keep the correspondence public for documentation purposes.

With kind regards

glokal e.V.