Event report

ExhibitionWIRSTIMMEN– for resistant alternatives to the development myth” opens

The August – Bebel – Institute at Müllerstrasse 163 in Berlin-Wedding is since 01 November 2019 the host venue for the exhibition “WIRSTIMMEN!”. For Resistant Alternatives to the Development Myth.”

On Friday evening of 01.11.2019 glokal e.V. opened the exhibition together with over 100 first visitors*. Among the guests were some of the interview partners, Berlin representatives of anti-racist, decolonial education work such as Toan Nguyen, Anne-Kathrin Bruch from the Berlin EPIZ, migrant organizations such as the Initiative Selbständiger Immigrantinnen e.V., global learning and activists in international human rights work such as Peter Steudtner.

The program of the vernissage included a panel discussion after the welcoming speeches by Gonca Çalışkan (August-Bebel-Institut) and Doğan Akhanlı (glokal). Here, the explosive nature of the development myth for our planet was addressed and the voices of theater educator Aki Krishnamurthy and artist Yili Rojas, as well as trade unionist Safter Çinar and activist Israel Kanautjike, who stand for resistant alternatives, were heard. Israel Kanautjike, for example, emphasized in his contribution that he would not stop fighting for the reparation claims of the Herero and Nama from the Federal Republic of Germany.

Before everyone present could dedicate themselves to the exhibition, the filming of the performance “K”, an artistic-political examination of 527 years of colonial history, by Yili Rojas was premiered.

In the exhibition, visitors can expect an audiovisual compilation of critical testimonies of power and dominationon the consequences of colonial violence and domination thinking from the perspective of those affected. A particular focus is on historical and contemporary evidence of resistant practices from different regions and continents of the world. The variety of materials as well as the expressiveness of the exhibited materials and elements were praised by the – mostly young – attendees. This is mainly due to the artistic – technical achievement of the exhibition designers Golnar Mehboubi Nejati and Julia Schnegg and the exhibition builder Janno Himpel, who have magnificently implemented the interwoven and also novel view of development from the perspective of the project staff*.

The exhibition is designed as a traveling exhibition and can be booked. A set-up guide and accompanying pedagogical reader will be available soon. For interested parties and inquiries, please contact info@glokal.org directly.

The exhibition will be open until 28.11. 2019 will be open for viewing on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 6 p.m. We would be especially pleased about the visit of school groups and school classes.

The glokal – exhibition team “WirStimmen!” Lucía Muriel, Doğan Akhanlı, Carolin Philipp and Tahir Della