Qualification Series Antiracism and Decoloniality

Antiracism and decoloniality
Qualification series for development organizations and groups.

The qualification of glokal e.V. enables the participants to deal with decolonial topics in development policy contexts and structures in a way that is critical of power and racism.
The series teaches necessary skills for emancipated, decolonial, power-critical action in educational and project work as well as in public relations and event planning. It enables participants to approach alternative possibilities of action and anti-discriminatory practices.
This also includes raising awareness and reflecting on one’s own work or structures at different levels (individual, social and institutional).

The qualification series consists of 5 online seminars.

1. online_seminar: Wednesday September 2, 2020, 1 – 5 pm
Introduction: What is the critique of power, domination and racism? How does it relate intersectionally to structures such as classism and sexism, and how does it relate to developmental education work.

2nd Online_Seminar: Wednesday 16 September 2020, 1 – 5 p.m.
Educational events: What do educational events critical of racism and power look like? How can content, invitations, methods, etc. be planned in concrete terms?

3rd Online_Seminar: Wednesday 7 October 2020, 1 – 5 p.m.
Public relations: What does public relations work critical of racism and power look like? How can flyers, websites, images and language be aligned with this?

4th Online_Seminar: Wednesday October 21, 2020, 1 – 5 p.m.
Event planning: What does event planning that is critical of racism and power look like?
How can event formats, speaker search, room planning, invitations, multilingualism etc. and power-critical evaluation of these events look like?

5th Online_Seminar: Friday November 13, 2020, 1 – 5 p.m.
Structures: How can structures in an organization be critically analyzed? What analysis methods and tools are available? How can further change in structures be planned, how can people, also from within the organization, be supported?

Content-related cross-sectional topics at the seminars will also be: Empowerment: own experiences and dealing with discrimination and exclusion in NGOs, initiatives and groups, possibly also through own spaces within the day seminar or as a structural proposal for NGOs.
We understand this qualification as a beginning of a long process of change. We will support this process with impulses, input, know-how and instruments.

Target group: are actors from development NGOs, groups and initiatives, activists, migrants, BIPOC (15-20 participants are planned for each online seminar).

Obligatory participation in the first two seminars is requested. From the third event onwards, the seminars can be attended individually by participants.

Since the number of participants is limited, please register by August 28, 2020.
Registration please only via: painemal[at]glokal[punkt]org
After the confirmed registration we will send the access data to the digital forum.
Coordination: Llanquiray Painemal from glokal e.V.
Speakers: Adam Baher, Tahir Della, Timo Galbenis-Kiesel, Zuher Jazmati a.o.

Participation in all offers is free of charge!

The project is funded by the PFQ program for the promotion of development policy qualification measures with funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) as well as the Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit des Landes Berlin (LEZ).