Symposium 2020: Cooperation between Refugees and Welcome Initiatives

On Friday, April 24, 2020, glokal e.V. invites you to a symposium on the topic of cooperation between refugees and welcome initiatives .

The aim of our symposium is to reflect on our glocal project “For a welcome without paternalism” and to look back on the total of three qualification series from 2018-2020. From this experience, we want to explore the question: How can a non-paternalistic and discrimination-sensitive cooperation succeed and which hurdles must and should be overcome?

At the symposium, the perspectives of refugees from our project will play a central role by actively shaping the symposium with important impulses. An important question will also be whether our project can be considered an example of successful non-paternalistic practice.

Target group are: Refugees and people from initiatives that work with refugees. We cordially invite you to this!

More info will be available soon on our website under “News”.

Please register for the symposium at opat[ÄT]glokal[PUNKT]org.