Special Newsletter Doğan

Dear friends,

Today we remember our dear friend and glokal colleague Doğan Akhanlı, who died two years ago today.

Especially in times that are so dominated by violence and hatred, we miss his humor, his warmth and his tireless commitment to human rights, victims of violence and a culture of remembrance that recognizes different traumas in solidarity and does not play them off against each other. He still leaves a big gap in our team to this day.
His collaboration was and remains an invaluable asset to this day and we would like to continue our work in his spirit. In his spirit, we would like to use our educational events, projects and publications to clearly advocate for the naming of racist, colonial and anti-Semitic continuities and thus contribute to a contentious but peaceful coexistence.

Doğan always had the strength to deal with people who held radically different opinions than him. He talked to them, worked, did theater. His writings, speeches, actions and humanity are an inspiration to us.

We miss you!

Your colleagues from glokal

PS: You can read Doğan’s biography on the Cologne page of our Global Remembering project.