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Webinar Series: Decolonial Approaches in Partnerships, Public Relations and Fundraising

First round: Registration by February 21, 2024!
Our new project, funded by PFQ and BfdW, includes three webinar series for those active in development organizations and initiatives as well as for everyone who is committed to global justice. We particularly invite BIPoC, activists from migrant self-organizations and people from the diaspora.

The aim is to jointly develop ideas for alternative options for racism and power-sensitive or empowered practices in “partnership work”, public relations and fundraising.

The target group is actors from development NGOs, groups and initiatives as well as activists who are committed to global justice. BIPoC or activists from migrant self-organizations as well as people from the diaspora are expressly invited.

Further information and registration details can be found under the respective links:

Webinar series March to May 2024: Focus on collaboration with “partners” in African countries Registration only possible until February 21, 2024!

Webinar series April to June 2024: Focus on collaboration with “partners” in Abya Yala/Latin America (German language link)

Successful Experts day: Feminist and decolonial approaches to development education work

We have been working on the topics of feminist and decolonial approaches in development education for over 15 years. On October 18, 2023, we invited those active in development education work to the Lauseria in Kreuzberg to get to know these approaches. Feminist approaches to development policy education work, racism-critical approaches to inclusive imagery in development policy public relations work, and decolonial didactics in development policy education work were discussed and discussed. You can find more information here.

City tour COLONIAL TRACES AND BLACK RESISTANCE in Berlin-Mitte on November 18th.

Register for our city tour on November 18, 2023 from 1-4 p.m. The city tour leads from Manga-Bell-Square through the so-called African Quarter in Berlin-Mitte to the archive of Black German movement history from EOTO e.V. The poet and dramaturg Philipp Khabo Köpsell and Tahir Della from glokal/ISD will guide us through the topics of German colonial history and anti-colonial resistance as well as colonial continuities and current Black movement history. Registration: Participation is free. In order to be able to plan better, we ask that you register bindingly. Write to us, whether as individuals or as a group, at geschichte[ät]glokal[punkt]org

City tour ESCAPE-EXILE-PERSECUTION in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Register for October 21, 2023 from 2-5 p.m.! In this tour we will explore the interconnections of German and Turkish history in Charlottenburg. Through Jewish, Armenian, communist and social democratic biographies we approach the topics of persecution, flight and genocide. The city tour is led by historian Murat Akan and Perihan Zeran from glokal. Register, whether as individuals or as a group, at geschichte[ät]glokal[punkt]org

June – Oct. 2023: 4-module online qualification series: At eye level? Decolonial cooperation in project work with “partners” in African countries

Qualification series for activists in development policy organizations, initiatives, migrant self-organizations and for all those who work for global justice.

The project work with African “partners” is built on a very unequal basis. Funds and specifications come from Germany and often people from Germany are deployed in the partner countries, although they lack knowledge about the local structures. But racisms and other power relations are also (unconsciously) reproduced in direct cooperation. Dealing with this reproduction is a comprehensive process. It starts with self-reflection on the one hand and self-empowerment against these conditions on the other. The structures in which the projects take place must change. Nevertheless, decolonial “partnership work” is a first possible building block for this long-term change. Therefore, we offer a qualification series on power- and racism-critical confrontation in the so-called partnership work with African countries. Four webinars teach necessary skills for racism- and power-sensitive collaboration. More information and registration here.

Launch of the digital city maps in the glokal project Global Erinnern on 26.08.2022 at documenta15/Kassel

Initiated by our friend and colleague Doğan Akhanlı, who passed away in 2021, we have been working on a transnational culture of remembrance in the Global Remembering project since 2020. Now we have created digital city maps of local-global interconnections of the Global North and South, East and West in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Kassel and Cologne. You can find them here.
In each city there are historical events, thematic tours and people related to global history: Strikes of migrant workers; sites of African organizing in Europe; people who were active in the international resistance against fascism. Some places were central to emigration from Europe, others played(d) an important role in global economic relations then and now. Traces of German colonialism, National Socialism and right-wing extremist violence can also be traced on the maps. You can also find more about the project

We celebrate the launch of the Global Remember Card (flyer HERE) in the context of documenta15 in Kassel. After the launch, we’ll celebrate with snacks and drinks. You are cordially invited!

When: Friday, August 26, 2022, 18:00-20:00
Where: ak/WH22, Werner-Hilpert-Str. 22, 34117 Kassel