glokal e.V. – critical education and consulting

glokal e.V.
is a Berlin-based association for critical educational work and consulting. We have been active in youth and adult education and consulting for organizations/institutions/associations/groups and initiatives since 2006. With our work, we want to sensitize people to global and inner-societal power relations and empower people to contribute to the dismantling of these power relations.
On this website you will find information about our consulting and educational services for organizations, initiatives, multipliers, teachers, youth groups and school classes, as well as information about our projects and publications. If you are interested in our offers, please contact us[here].


  • Launch of the digital city maps in the glokal project Global Erinnern on 26.08.2022 at documenta15/Kassel

    Initiated by our friend and colleague Doğan Akhanlı, who passed away in 2021, we have been working on a transnational culture of remembrance in the Global Remembering project since 2020. Now we have created digital city maps of local-global interconnections of the Global North and South, East and West in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Kassel and…

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  • glokal project on educational work critical of anti-Semitism

    glokal links educational work critical of racism and anti-Semitism: In our project we expand the portfolio of our timeline method and the eLearning tool “connecting the dots”. In doing so, 30 quotes and resolutions are added to our timeline method. As usual in the timeline method, we work with reproductive as well as resistive sources…

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  • Further training for actors with decision-making functions from migrant communities

    and established organizations, institutions and initiatives from November 2020 – May 2021. When are collaborations successful? In the further training of the BAKD Bundesakademie für Kirche und Diakonie, glokal e.V and Refugee Strike Bochum, conditions for a cooperative partnership are analyzed and possibilities for clarifying the mission are developed, which do justice to the different…

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