Are you experiencing déjà vu?

Dogan Akhanli about Turkey
In 1980, the writer Dogan Akhanli witnessed a military coup in Turkey. Just like today, intellectuals and human rights activists were forced underground and into exile. Britta Bürger spoke with Dogan Akhanli in“Fazit“.

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A commentary by Uri Degania:
“I never gave up my hope!”

“Erdogan acts like a dictator”.

It’s a putsch within a putsch |
Kölner Stadt Anzeiger: Interview with Dogan Akhanli | Interview conducted by Uli Kreikebaum | 20.07.2016

“You don’t shoot at pigeons ” – a conversation with the writer Dogan Akhanlı about coming to terms with the Armenian genocide. | Interview: Ceren Türkmen

“I have learned to live well with my traumas”.
The German-Turkish writer Dogan Akhanli on the current political situation in Turkey
By Roland Kaufhold | Neues deutschland | 11.8.2016

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Justice in Turkey Guilty without Reason | FAZ- 26.08.2016, by Dogan Akhanli
Anyone can fall victim to the Turkish justice system: The fact that a public prosecutor charges a journalist does not protect him from having to flee from the arbitrariness of justice himself. A didactic play about the violent apparatus of an arrogant state.

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