Newsletter June 2020

Dear friends,

we have all had very special months. A lot has happened with us and we have had to adjust to big changes. A lot had to and still has to be moved into the digital space. Nevertheless, we are also experiencing a great energy on the streets these days.

In the following, we draw your attention to exciting glokal events, a new project and reading material, among other things:

1. events KlimaDeSol: empowerment workshops and trainings
With the project we not only want to give important impulses to a democratic, decolonial and solidary movement around climate justice, but also to counter the so far white – elitist and western dominated concept of climate with decolonial, holistic and intersectional narratives.
The first of four empowerment events will be held this summer, on July 1, 2020 and August 12, 2020. You can find the flyer for the events here.
In addition, we address white-positioned people in the climate movement, activists in the climate movement, climate justice, and the diverse grassroots movement with six seminars or webinars. For this purpose, the first webinars will be held on June 22, June 26 and August 13, 2020. You can find the flyer for the events here, and more about the project here.

2. new project: local global history
It is not only in Germany that the idea of separate and competing nation-states continues to prevail. This is largely codified by nationally demarcated historical narratives. In contrast, we see the need for a transnational memory space. In the new project, we would like to devote ourselves to the global interconnections of history and the present.
The main measure of the project is the development of a digital map in Berlin and four other cities in cooperation with local groups. More about the project can be found here.

3. interview and article: Transnational Memory Space and Violence at Europe’s External Borders.
On the topic of transnational memory space, glokal member Doğan Akhanlı gave an exciting interview in the junge Welt that you can read here. Carolin Philipp of glokal has written an article here in the newspaper Neues Deutschland about murders at Europe’s external borders.

4. demonstrations 06.06.: Against racist police violence!
We also want to call on you to take to the streets against racist police violence, whether it’s in the U.S., in Germany, or on Europe’s borders.
On Saturday, June 06, 2020, demonstrations will take place in many cities from Augsburg to Osnabrück. Be there!

We send you greetings of solidarity,
the glokal team