Preventing the deportation of a refugee activist

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, Abdoul Drammé Kaboré, one of the refugees protesting at Alex and Breitscheidtplatz, was to be deported from Berlin-Tegel to Spain. Thanks to the dedicated resistance of the activists of Asylum Rights Evolution as well as friends and supporters, this could be prevented for the time being. Now, however, the deportation is to take place next Tuesday, 3.06. (exact time not yet known), will take place.

Calls are circulating on the Internet for people to participate in further protest to prevent Tuesday’s deportation and further deportation attempts by the other activists. Here is some information about this; everything else and the latest news can be found on the Asylum Rights Evolution page:

We would like to ask you to immediately protest to the responsible airline air berlin by phone, fax or mail against their participation in this inhumane action. Make it clear to the company that involvement in forcible deportation is amoral as well as damaging to the company’s image and business! Below are Asylum Rights Evolution’s and supporters’ drafts of a protest email that you can use as a template, as well as the latest press releases.

We would also like to ask you to be there on Tuesday to prevent this deportation attempt as well. You can get the latest information about the flight date at

Air Berlin fax action against deportation!

We call on all people in solidarity to send faxes and emails to Air Berlin and call them to ask the company not to carry out the deportation of the Asylum Rights Evolution activist!

Air Berlin Fax +49 30 3434 1509

Air Berlin important e-mail addresses:

all e-mail addresses:

Air Berlin Corporate Headquarters +49 30 3434 1500
Air Berlin Info Hotline +49 30 343434

Fax and mail template (please insert your own name at the bottom!):

Draft 1:

To Air Berlin and flight safety

Urgently cancel Mr. Kaboré’s flight.
He is not flying voluntarily and has announced that he will fight back.

Dear Sir or Madam,

With great dismay we have taken note that you intend to deport Mr. Abdoul Drammé Kaboré to Spain on 03.06.2014.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this deportation is against the express will of Mr. Kaboré. Mr. Kaboré has announced in talks that he will defend himself with all means at his disposal in the event of his deportation. Thus, he announced to us that he would physically resist and draw the attention of bystanders and passengers to his situation by shouting loudly and protesting. So there is a serious potential hazard to safety on board. In addition to the danger to passengers, there is above all danger to the life and limb of Mr. Kaboré. As I am sure you are aware, people have been injured or even killed during similar deportations.

Mr. Kaboré is to be deported to Spain. He is originally from Burkina Faso and entered Germany via Spain. Therefore, Germany has so far refused to even consider his asylum application due to the Dublin Treaties. Such an examination would reveal that Mr. Kaboré had serious reasons for his flight. The current situation in Spain is pathetic for asylum seekers: there are no social benefits whatsoever. Finding a job is almost impossible, so most asylum seekers end up on the streets. Mr. Kaboré also firmly expects to be immediately deported from Spain to Burkina Faso.

We therefore request them to cancel Mr. Kaboré’s flight immediately. Air Berlin is not obligated to transport a person against his or her express will. The captain of a flight is responsible for the safety of the passengers. We therefore ask you to contact Mr. Kaboré – he speaks French – and ask him to confirm that he does not wish to fly under any circumstances and that he will not allow himself to be deported by force.

Don’t let them become accomplices of this inhumane deportation!

Kind regards
Friends of Abdoul Drammé Kaboré

Draft 2:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have learned that airberlin will actively support the forcible deportation of Mr. Abdoul Drammé Kaboré with flight AB 8082 from Berlin-Tegel to Madrid-Barajas on 03.06.2014.

I am shocked that their company wants to get rich off the deportation of a refugee. If they deport Mr. Abdoul Drammé Kaboré, then their company is responsible for the violation of human dignity and the violence that Mr. Abdoul Drammé Kaboré suffers as a result. The fact that airberlin advertises with beautiful vacation moments and tourist experiences and at the same time carries out brutal deportations that expose people to persecution, torture and death is hypocritical.

I urge them not to carry out their planned deportation. It is solely in their hands to prevent a person from being taken to another country against their own will.

If they continue to do so, I will refrain from using their services in the future and will ask others to do so as well.

With kind regards



Draft 3:

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am shocked to hear that you are supporting the forceful deportation of Mr. Abdoul Drammé Kaboré, who is booked on an airberlin flight from Berlin-Tegel to Madrid on Tuesday, 3 June 2014. He is a refugee from Burkina Faso and will most likely be deported from Spain to Burkina Faso.

Your company has all the possibilities to not carry out the deportation. airberlin stands for the freedom to move worldwide, but you are supporting and making money off the inhumane treatment (and possible arrest, abuse, torture, and killing) of an individual who is demanding his basic human rights. I will certainly not fly with your airline again, if your company takes part in violating these rights.

I strongly urge you not to carry out the deportation of Mr. Abdoul Drammé Kaboré.

Yours sincerely,