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7.11.18 in front of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin: solidarity with caravan of refugees on their way to the U.S.

We hereby distribute the call of different organizations for Wednesday, 07.11.18 at 12:30 in front of the US Embassy, Pariser Platz 2, 10117 Berlin:

Stop the war against migrants – Solidarity with the Caravan of Refugees from Central America!

For weeks, refugees/migrants have been marching on foot from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador north to the Mexican border with the goal of finding protection and life prospects in the United States. Continue reading

Message from Doğan Akhanlı

Message of Doğan Akhanlı to the participants of the “Arsch huh” event: “Wähle jon – Demokratie braucht keine Alternative!” on 27.08. in Cologne:

“Dear friends!

Because of my arrest in Spain due to Turkey’s intervention, I am a bit tired and exhausted right now, but despite the current threat, my strength against racism and discrimination has not diminished. On the contrary!

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About apologies…

The development policy scene in Germany has increasingly been dealing with racism in the last ten years. In these processes, collaboration between white organizations and People of Color and immigrant-diasporic organizations often plays an important role. In this, often only selective cooperation, there have been major and minor reproductions of racism again and again in recent years. Most incidents and conflicts do not reach the public and unfortunately often fade away unresolved in the everyday life of the (mostly white-owned) organizations.

One case that made bigger waves was the termination of the project “move global/glocal” by the One World Network (EWNW) in Hamburg in 2010/2011 with the winding up of the team (2010) and the subsequent termination of the project manager (2011). The AG Sporen Lobal (Note June 2016: The blog of the AG Sporen Lobal is now offline. The documentation continues on the site of MEPa North) created the greatest possible transparency about the further handling of the conflict within the EWNW via her blog, showed that the case had not been forgotten and exerted pressure on the association not to let more grass grow over the matter. See also our article from 2013.

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Non-Fest for the Berlin Palace/Humboldt Forum

NOTfest for the Berlin Palace/Humboldt Forum on 11/12.6.2015

Invitation of the campaign alliance No Humboldt 21!

While some have been robbed of everything, others present the treasures of the world.
While some are still waiting for an apology for Germany’s first genocide, others are rebuilding the palace of Prussian slave traders and genocides.
While the bones of some are still being researched today, others honor the grave robber Humboldt and praise the European Enlightenment, science and humanity.
While some die in the Mediterranean, others invite the whole world to their castle.

Thursday, 11.6. at 22:30
Schinkelplatz at the Berlin Palace/Humboldt Forum
Remember Resistance!
Event supported by transparent-lichtdesign / Ingo Stahl-Blood

Friday, 12.6. from 11 to 15:30
Pleasure garden at the Berlin Palace/Humboldt Forum
“THEY celebrate in white, WE mourn in black”.
Protest rally with speeches, poetry, spoken word art and singing

Contact: Tahir Della | 015254217327 | tahirdella@isdonline.de
Christian Kopp | 1799 100976 | buero@berlin-postkolonial.de
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/426502900860921/

UNITED NEIGHBOURS // Right to stay and housing for all!

This Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014, a demonstration will take place at 3 p.m. starting at Spreewaldplatz/Ohlauerstraße to bring together the demands of protesting refugees in Berlin and the protests against rent increases and evictions. More information can be found at the Bündnis Zwangsräumung Verhindern or on f-book. The magazine analyse & kritik also published a freely accessible article on the background of the demonstration.

Refugee Policy in Germany: “First Trickery, Then Starvation”

For 11 days now, the Berlin Senate, with the help of a large police force, has been starving and thirsting refugee activists on the roof of a hostel for refugees in Gürtelstrasse. Doctors who warn of the serious consequences of dehydration and want to bring water are not allowed through. Press is not allowed to the protesters. The few people who show solidarity are harassed and their protest against the inhumane actions of politics and police is made impossible. Go here to the blog and Twitter for information including press reviews and ways to support.


Forced eviction of the school occupied by refugees in Kreuzberg

According to media reports and statements by the district councilor Hans Panhoff (Bündnis 90/GRÜNE), a forced eviction of the occupied Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule, which has served refugees for one and a half years as a refuge and center of the common struggle against compulsory residence, placement in camps, deportations, etc., is imminent. For the protest against this, here is a mobilization video.


Criminalization of political antiracist work

Since yesterday noon, the freshly hung mural on the corner of Manteuffelstrasse and Oranienstrasse (Berlin-Kreuzberg) commemorating the NSU nail bomb attack in Cologne’s Keupstrasse has a hole and thus a gap in its content – the phrase “NSU: State and Nazis hand in hand” was torn out of the picture by the Berlin Fire Department on behalf of the Berlin police, without a court order. Allmende e.V. and the Alliance Against Racism have issued a press release on this scandalous criminalization of political anti-racist work.

Preventing the deportation of a refugee activist

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, Abdoul Drammé Kaboré, one of the refugees protesting at Alex and Breitscheidtplatz, was to be deported from Berlin-Tegel to Spain. Thanks to the dedicated resistance of the activists of Asylum Rights Evolution as well as friends and supporters, this could be prevented for the time being. Now, however, the deportation is to take place next Tuesday, 3.06. (exact time not yet known), will take place. Continue reading