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Conference on migration / overshadowed by racism by police

In Leipzig on Sunday the conference “Self-determined and in solidarity! Conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis” ended in Leipzig on Sunday.

For three days, more than 700 participants from various social movements discussed in Leipzig’s “Westbad” the ways in which flight and migration are linked to the manifold ecological crises of our time and the prevailing ideas of social development. Participants included initiatives working on flight and migration, freedom of movement, climate, capitalism, agriculture and degrowth – many refugees and migrants were also involved. Continue reading

Tribunal | Dissolve NSU Complex

The tribunal has emerged from and is supported by the nationwide action alliance “NSU-Komplex auflösen” as well as by a large number of people who want to get involved against racism for various motives. A prominent position is held by those affected by the NSU terror, whose viewpoints carry particular weight. Anyone who identifies with the goals of the Tribunal can participate. All people, groups, associations, institutions that want to support the Tribunal are invited to contact and participate.
The NSU Tribunal will take place in Cologne from May 17-21, 2017.
Program here
Press review here
Indictment here

The racist police selection on New Year’s Eve in Cologne must be followed by political consequences

In its press release of 10.01.2017, the Antirassistische Initiative e.V. strongly condemns the racist segregation of visitors to the Domplatte on New Year’s Eve and their denigration by the Cologne police and demands consequences for those responsible. Continue reading

Action Week Commemoration & Resistance (Berlin)

The court case on the NSU murder series will be concluded in 2017. Instead of taking seriously the urgent concerns of the relatives and the Nebenklage to come to terms with the political significance of the NSU for the entire German judiciary, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and other investigative agencies, the trial only dealt with the involvement of a small neo-Nazi circle in the crime. Continue reading

New: The fairy tale of eye level

We are pleased to announce our new brochure: The fairy tale of eye level. Power and Solidarity in North-South Partnerships

maerchenbroschuere_title page-216x300Eye level and partnership are phrases that are often used in North-South, solidarity or ‘development cooperation’. They are meant to signal progressiveness and demonstrate equality. But do the terms extend beyond rhetoric? What are the patterns of thinking and structures in North-South partnerships? What are the perspectives of the so-called southern partners on cooperation?
In the publication “Das Märchen von der Augenhöhe” (“The Fairy Tale of Eye Level”), glokal e.V. has brought together ten activists, committed people and NGO workers from the Global South and North to shed light on different aspects of NGO structures, school partnerships, voluntary services and solidarity work. A theoretical introduction makes the historical-political framework tangible, and a reflection and practice guide supports the analysis and transformation of the reader’s own engagement.

The brochure can be
be ordered from us.

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Unraveling the NSU Complex – Donations Wanted

The tribunal “NSU-Komplex auflösen” will take place from 17 – 21.05.2017 in Cologne. It works for a democratic and cosmopolitan society that casts the right to rights in its foundation. It works against state-supported social ignorance that enables racist action. Because the series of murders and attacks committed by the so-called National Socialist Underground (NSU) between 1999 and 2011 has still not been solved. Neither the court proceedings in Munich nor the numerous parliamentary investigative committees have fully revealed the NSU network and the involvement of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and other state actors in it. The focus of the tribunal is therefore on the joint accusation of both racist structures and individual perpetrators. Donations are needed for the preparatory work.

About apologies…

The development policy scene in Germany has increasingly been dealing with racism in the last ten years. In these processes, collaboration between white organizations and People of Color and immigrant-diasporic organizations often plays an important role. In this, often only selective cooperation, there have been major and minor reproductions of racism again and again in recent years. Most incidents and conflicts do not reach the public and unfortunately often fade away unresolved in the everyday life of the (mostly white-owned) organizations.

One case that made bigger waves was the termination of the project “move global/glocal” by the One World Network (EWNW) in Hamburg in 2010/2011 with the winding up of the team (2010) and the subsequent termination of the project manager (2011). The AG Sporen Lobal (Note June 2016: The blog of the AG Sporen Lobal is now offline. The documentation continues on the site of MEPa North) created the greatest possible transparency about the further handling of the conflict within the EWNW via her blog, showed that the case had not been forgotten and exerted pressure on the association not to let more grass grow over the matter. See also our article from 2013.

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Black Studies in Bremen

On February 6, there was a community statement by Black scholars and organizations in which a radical critique of Black Studies Bremen was voiced.

“We, the undersigned here, condemn the manner in which Black Studies is being mobilized and pressed into service at the University of Bremen. Our critique is specifically directed at the organization, handling, and planned implementation of a Creative UnitNew Black Diaspora Studies: Ethical and Aesthetic Challenges of the 21st Century. […]

Apart from an antiquated understanding of gender that certainly cannot be called intersectional, current hiring practices constitute blatant affirmative action for white academics, while the German academic enterprise systematically excludes Black scholars and scholars of color and can continue to do so due to nonexistent legal mechanisms that would ensure equal participation of underrepresented/marginalized groups in university life as students and as faculty members.”

As a first consequence to the demands, the research group Black Knowledges (formerly Black Studies) disbanded yesterday. The group writes that it accepts the criticism, stating, “It has become clear to us that the Black Knowledges research group is part of the problem of racism rather than part of its solution.”