SPECIAL EDITION: Newsletter COVID-19 March 2020

Dear colleagues and friends of glokal,

we are all currently faced with many changes in our daily lives, in the planning of activities and our announced events in connection with the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The whole glokal team has been discussing the necessary steps regarding the timeline of our projects. Here we would like to share the most important decisions with you.

First of all: All our offers in the form of conferences, workshop series, trainings in the projects OPAT and KlimaDeSol as well as the exhibition Connecting the Dots have been comprehensively and participant-centered prepared and designed in the past months. The content framework and objectives remain the same, but we will adapt the timeline to current conditions.

1. climate decolonial and solidary(KlimaDeSol)
In relation to the empowerment workshop series “Climate decolonial and solidarity”, detailed information will be published later today. The implementation will be postponed to the months of June, July or August, depending on the agreement with the speakers.

2. project OPAT-Welcome without paternalism
Our conference on: collaboration between refugees and welcome initiatives, which was to take place on April 24, 2020, will be postponed. As soon as it is clear when it can take place, we will inform you in time.

3. project Connecting the Dots/exhibition WirStimmen!
The loan of the exhibition “WirStimmen! For Resistant Alternatives to the Development Myth” will not be possible until probably the end of May 2020. If there is interest in booking for the following months, contact us by email.

4. publications / shipping and online offers
For the newly won time we would like to recommend our publications and online offers to you. At the same time, this can support the work of glokal.
I.e. for now the shipping of all our publication continues! We apologize for any delays in shipping. You can order here. In addition, our online offerings, the material platform “mangoes and bullets” and the eLearning Toll “connecting the dots” are of course still available.

5. glokal workshops: Precarious work
Like many people who are active in political education, we at glokal and our pool of speakers are also affected by the cancellation of our workshops due to the lack of a new speaker. Covid-19. Petitions have already been created because of this, so that not only companies but also precarious workers* get proper support, see for example here. Currently, measures for freelancers are being negotiated at the state and federal level, see info here.

6. active and in solidarity right now
We would like to continue to use the time in the future to remain politically active and in solidarity and to continue – or especially now – to organize. For while Europe is currently the center of the COVID-19 pandemic, living conditions are particularly precarious at Europe’s borders and in the camps where refugees are forced to live (see medico international’s appeal here). Please also follow our facebook page!

Please contact us by email if you have ideas for organizing and actions, suggestions on how to deal with the situation and if you want to tell us something about your situation or in general!

Many greetings, the glokal team