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Guide critical of racism published

Initiated by the IMAFREDU research project of Dr. Elina Marmer, last year a collective of authors, among others with the participation of glokal, developed a “Racism Critical Guide for Reflecting on Existing and Creating New Didactic Teaching and Learning Materials for School and Out-of-School Educational Work on Blackness, Africa and the African Diaspora”. It is now available digitally and will soon be available in print.

The urgency of a racism-critical revision of school educational materials was highlighted in a textbook study Migration and Integration published in March by the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Minister of State Aydan Özoğuz. The study shows a great need to catch up in the production of textbooks in many areas. for example, in the representation and address of the German migration society:

“Thus, a key finding is that in the textbooks analyzed, migration is primarily problematized as conflictual as well as crisis-ridden. The approach of presenting migration-based diversity as normality is rarely found.” Continue reading