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Documentation of the conference “Self-determined and in solidarity!”

In the meantime, we have managed to complete the video documentation of the Conference “Self-determined and in solidarity! Conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis”. to be completed in the form of some video recordings. You can find all the panels here. Photos can be found here and here. As an introduction, we especially recommend this short conference video with many impressions of the conference.

A video report about the racially motivated police violence against two speakers and participants of the conference can be found here. In response to our press release and that of the Initiativkreis: Menschen.Würdig there were numerous press reports. You can find a selection here.

You can also find a lot of information about the conference in the new taz supplement of Afrique-Europe-Interact.

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No expansion of police powers in DNA analysis!

In a great hurry, security politicians are currently striving to drastically expand police powers in DNA analysis before the end of this legislative period. In a statement, 25 civil society organizations are protesting this highly questionable move. They criticize a misguided information policy, the violation of data protection rights and fear racist sentiment. Continue reading

“You have been attacked in my rescue country”.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Mölln arson attack, writer, activist and active glocal member Doğan Akhanlı delivered the Mölln speech this year. On the initiative of the Arslan family, the victims of the attack are commemorated every year around November 23. For several years, the speech has been held in exile, this year in Cologne. The moving speech in which Akhanlı draws a bow from Mölln to the politics of remembrance and the reappraisal of the NSU murders can be read here.


Israeli and Jewish cultural figures warn against censorship

In an open letter, 100 Israeli and Jewish cultural workers in Berlin oppose the call for political censorship regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict and also declare their solidarity with Ballhaus Naunynstraße and the Palestinian art festival After the Last Sky. The full letter can be found here. Furthermore, there are statements by the festival’s kutor*innen and the venue Ballhaus Naunynstraße.

The new fun EZ

brave typesWith the slogan “Brave types – extremely help” the Hamburg campaign Viva con Aqua writes out at present a journey to Uganda as price for a profit play. The tender text states:

“You will fly from Germany to Uganda accompanied by a Viva-con-Agua staff member on 18.03.2016. […] In Kampala you will meet Nobert Latim and Papa Shabani, co-founders of the crew Viva con Agua Kampala. You will accompany them in their everyday life and get to know other friends, artists and supporters of Viva con Agua in Uganda. Together you are preparing for the upcoming World Water Day on 22/03/2016: Some music and art activities and WASH workshops are planned in the Moroto project area. On 23.03.2016 you will travel back to Kampala with the Viva con Agua activists. On the two following days, workshops, music and art events, incl. Song and video shoot planned. All this will then culminate in the WELOVEYOUGANDA Music- & Artfestival #2 on Saturday, 26.03.2016. On 27.03. you will take the return flight from Kampala (Entebbe), so that you will be back in Germany on 28.03.2016.”

Actions like these are to be questioned not only under racism-critical points of view, but even development-politically very much. You could dismiss it as a barely noteworthy Twitter ad and pay no further attention to the action. However, we observe, Continue reading


spontaneous poster advertising for #ausnahmslos in Erfurt, via twitter

spontaneous poster advertising for #ausnahmslos in Erfurt, via twitter

After the racist media reports in the aftermath of New Year’s Eve in Cologne, a group of feminist bloggers and authors have launched the call #ausnahmslos. Together with hundreds of signatories, they are calling for “Against sexualized violence and racism. Always. Everywhere.” and formulate demands to politicians and the media.

The appeal can be co-signed here.


Why children are not Christmas gifts


The Berlin-based association“ProNats e.V. – Verein zur Unterstützung arbeitender Kinder und Jugendliche” published an article shortly before Christmas with demands on development policy organizations. Under the title“Why children are not Christmas presents – 12 demands on fundraising campaigns“, they criticize the way children from the Global South are presented in the fundraising of German development cooperation from a child rights perspective and formulate concrete demands ranging from “presenting children as actors” to ending child sponsorship programs.



Beyond #refugeeswelcome: The Spectre of Racist Violence and Lessons from Refugee Resistance in Germany

This text by Joshua Kwesi Aikins and Daniel Bendix reframes the current debate about refugees in Germany by contrasting Germany’s recent history of racist violence and limitations of asylum laws with the resistance and agency of refugee movements across Germany. Both provide an important lens to re-examine the simultaneous heralding of “welcome culture”, a sharp rise in arson attacks on asylum centers and the current legislative roll-back of refugee rights in Germany. In bringing these perspectives together the text offers a corrective of both the current image of Germany as a welcoming champion of refugee rights and the problematic notion of refugees as objects of German policies and civil society “help” rather than subjects with a long history of resistance in Germany. Read more

30 years ISD

The Initiative Black People in Germany (ISD) turns 30. We congratulate warmly and look forward to exciting events in view of the anniversary.

From the announcement:

“30ig Jahre ISD” means three decades in which the interests and political concerns of Black people in Germany were represented and made visible. On the occasion of this anniversary, the results and interfaces between empowerment, education and information work come together in a framework program in the founding cities of the Frankfurt/Wiesbaden association. By making the reality of Black people’s lives and histories visible from their own perspectives through more present-oriented work, their right to participation and involvement in Germany becomes a lived reality.”