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Dear all, we would like to create a new publication and we don’t have the money for it! At the end of 2018, we would like to print an exhibition reader on “Historical Postcolonial Stories of Resistance.” That’s why we’re participating in a competition where people can vote on different projects. Please support us by voting for the glokal project here!

Our traveling exhibition ‘connecting the dots’ deals with global and German history and present. With quotes from people from over 500 years, we want to present history in an exciting and easily accessible way and add new perspectives. In addition to well-known powerful European men, the exhibition focuses on resistant perspectives, anti-colonial resistance, and perspectives often unheard and unknown in mainstream society: of women, Black people, people whose sexuality does not fit into societal norms, and many more. By focusing on resistant stories, we want to make clear that every single person can be an acting subject of history and thus has the possibility to stand up for a more just society. We address a variety of topics in the exhibition: Migration and Flight, Colonialism, Racism in Germany, Man and Nature, Work, Capitalism, Democracy and Domination, Culture, Gender and Sexuality, and Development. For each topic there is a dominant, well known historiography. We also want to present alternative stories, views, perspectives and people! The exhibition builds on the eLearning tool ‘connecting the dots’, for which we spent years researching quotes and stories and which has been online since January 2018 ( The target group of the exhibition are pupils, students, teachers and other educators as well as the (professional) public. We do not yet have funding for the printing of the exhibition’s companion booklet. The reader is intended to enable interested people to learn background information on the above topics and to get tips for further reading. It should be about 100-150 pages.