Newsletter March 2018

Dear friends,

it’s been a few months since our last newsletter and we have quite a bit to report in this somewhat lengthy update.

  1. Try it out: eLearning tool ‘connecting the dots. History(s) of oppression and resistance’ is online
  2. Vote for us: Donation voting for printing costs of the pedagogical companion reader of our exhibition until 31 March
  3. Sign up: The new OPAT qualification series kicks off in May! Registration until April 24
  4. Come one, come all: Emine Demir and Doğan Akhanlı from glokal will read from Doğan’s new book at Kafe Karanfil on March 30.

1. after publishing our brochure ‘connecting the dots. Learning from History(s) of Oppression and Resistance’, we are happy to announce that now our (almost) eponymous eLearning tool ‘connecting the dots. History(s) of Oppression and Resistance’ is online.

With quotes from people from over 500 years, we would like to present history(s) in an exciting and easily accessible way and add new perspectives. In addition to well-known powerful European men, the eLearning Tool focuses on resistant perspectives, anti-colonial resistance, and perspectives often unheard and unknown in mainstream society: from women, Black people, People of Color, from the Global South, people whose sexuality does not fit into societal norms, and many more.

By focusing on resistant stories, we want to make clear that every single person can be an acting subject of history and thus has the possibility to stand up for a more just society. In the eLearning tool you can find hegemonic and resistant perspectives on a variety of topics: Migration and Flight, Colonialism, Racism in Germany, People and Nature, Work, Capitalism, Democracy and Domination, Culture, Gender and Sexuality, and Development.
We are still working on some small corrections and look forward to your feedback!

Two workshops on topics of historical-postcolonial educational work will take place this year. We will keep you up to date!

2. donation voting for our follow-up project, the travelling exhibition on ‘connecting the dots

We will continue to work historically-postcolonially and would like to develop an exhibition by early 2019 that builds on the eLearning tool, but here focuses even more on resistant perspectives.

We don’t have the money for the printing costs for the pedagogical accompanying reader of the exhibition! That’s why we’re participating in a competition where people can vote on different projects. Please support us by voting for the glokal project here!

3rd qualification series for (up to) 10 people with refugee experience.

Do you want to become a trainer for political education? With us you can make an advanced training for it, apply!

With our qualification series we want to reach you as refugees and people with refugee experience. You will be trained as trainers, multipliers and consultants in educational work, so that you can conduct empowerment and awareness-raising workshops on the topic of anti-racism yourself. With the qualification workshops we want to make different pedagogical methods accessible to you and at the same time create a space where your knowledge can be heard. We work process-oriented, i.e. we include the wishes of the participants.

At the end of the qualification series, it is planned that you will carry out a practical project (an empowerment and a sensitization workshop), if necessary with experienced instructors from glokal e.V.

The qualification series will be held in German. It would be good if you speak fluent German (level B1). The qualification series is aimed in particular at refugees and people with refugee experience who have only been in Germany for a few years. It is important that you have a desire to work in civic education.

Registration deadline: April 24, 2018

Registration at: opat[at], More information in German, Arabic and English and on our website.

4th Reading and Discussion Evening with Emine Demir and Doğan Akhanlı from glokal

On Friday, 30.03.2018, a reading followed by a discussion with Emine Demir and Doğan Akhanlı will take place at Kafe Karanfil (Mahlowerstr. 7, Berlin-Neukölln).

‘August 19, 2017: Spanish police officers arrest Doğan Akhanlı, a German citizen, in Granada. Turkey had issued an alert for his arrest via Interpol. The door of his cell closes behind him – once again. As if in a time warp, he relives the months and years he spent in Turkey as a political prisoner – 1975, 1985-1987 and from August 2010. “Arrest in Granada” is, for all the cruelty and injustice spoken of, an adventurous, poetic and often humorous journey through the last 40 years that helps us understand why arbitrariness and violence still and again prevail in Turkey.’ In an alternation of reading and conversation, Emine Demir and Doğan Akhanlı will read from and discuss his newly published book ‘Verhaftung in Granada oder Treibt die Türkei in die Diktatur?’ in German and Turkish.

Come, listen, discuss and drink with us!
For those on short notice: Doğan is also reading today, 23.03.2018, at 19.00h at Café loislane (Emser Str. 41, 12051 Berlin).
Finally, we would like to point out our material platform ‘mangoes&bullets’, where you can find more material: Methods for political education, books, pictures, art projects etc.

Warm regards,

the glokal team