In memory of Aneck – Racism kills!

On 19.07. Aneck (35) drowned in the Plötzensee. Together we want to mourn him and express our shock that racism is killing people in Germany. The police have ended the investigation without really pursuing the question of whether there is a connection between the lifeguard’s inaction and his activities in the Berlin neo-Nazi scene.

Memorial rally on 29.08.2014 | Start: 17.30 hrs |
Location: Seestraße, corner Dohnagestell | Stop: VirchowKlinikum

En mémoire d’Aneck – Le racisme tue! Française en bas (en bref)
In memory of Aneck – Racism kills!
English below (short)

In memory of Aneck E. – Racism kills!

On 19.07. Aneck (35) drowned in the Plötzensee. Together we want to mourn him and express our shock that racism is killing people in Germany.

For background: When Aneck drowned in Plötzensee, the lifeguard of the lido, Mike Z., was also made aware of it. Why didn’t he come to the rescue? Police and prosecutors say he was informed too late. But when the lifeguard was asked
to help, he had no way of knowing if it was too late. Was Mike Z.’s inaction racially motivated? The search for an answer must not hide the fact that Mike Z. was active as a neo-Nazi for years. He was a member of the NPD Neukölln and the comradeship “Freie Nationalisten Berlin Mitte”. We think that neo-Nazis should not work in helping professions: We want all people in need to be helped! This is not the first racist incident. Already last year there were reports of racist attacks and insults
against employees and a tenant of the beach bath. We do not want to accept such conditions. We wonder: did Aneck have to die because he is black?

The police ended the investigation without answering these questions convincingly. Racism as a possible motive must be included in the investigation! Even after the NSU scandal, no consequences are drawn and racism continues to be ignored as a motive.
Also in the media the neo-Nazi background of the lifeguard is hardly mentioned and disrespectfully reported about Aneck. The problem is not only the lifeguard or the tenants, because racism is everywhere in society! The fate of Aneck leads us to sadly
way that racism kills and is not responded to appropriately. Let’s not look away, something like this must not happen again.

On 29.08. we, relatives, friends and supporters, will remember Aneck. We want to take the criticism of the investigating authorities to the streets and address the racist conditions in our society. Only when it is acknowledged that racism is a real problem in Germany can something be done about it together.

We will meet at 17.30 Seestraße, corner Dohnagestell, walk to the lido and after the rally we will go together to the accident site. Come in numbers and bring flowers and candles!

Reach Out has set up a donation account to help the family of Aneck. to help with the further procedure and the transfer of Aneck Cameroon:

Recipient: Ariba e.V./ReachOut
Account number: 3244801
BLZ: 100 205 00
Bank: Bank for Social Economy
Intended purpose: Aneck E.
IBAN: DE65100205000003244801

Relatives and friends of Aneck E., Reach Out, KOP – Campaign for Victims of Racist Police Violence, Hände weg vom Wedding Bündnis, FelS – Für eine linke Strömung, Initiative für die Aufklärung des Mordes an Burak B., NEA – North East Antifascists, A.I.R. Antifascist Initiative
Reinickendorf, ISD – Initiative of Black Germans

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En mémoire d’Aneck E.- Le racisme tue!

Le 19.07.2014 décéda Aneck E. de suite de noyade dans le Lac ” Plötzensee “. Pourquoi devrait-il mourir, alors que sur les lieux se trouvait un maitre-nageur professionnel, qui fut interpellé par les autres nageurs présents au moment où Anek était en détresse ? Un maitre-nageur professionnel
n’est-il pas obligé de venir en aide á toute personne en détresse indépendamment de sa race et ses origines ? Qu’est ce qui l’empêcha de lui venir en aide ? Cela a-t-il un rapport avec sa mentalité raciste ? Il en ressort qu’il était un activiste de longue durée de la scène naziste.

Juste quelques jours après le décès d’Aneck E., le procureur informa la famille au travers de la presse locale, que les enquêtes contre le maitre-nageur avaient été suspendues. Un homme de race noir mort noyé en plein jour. N’est-ce pas une raison suffisante pour le procureur et la police de mener soigneusement des enquêtes sur les allégations de non-assistance en personne en danger ? Les autorités judiciaires ne devraient-elles pas se sentir interpeller, après ce que la police et les services se se sont permis de produire après les meurtres du groupe Néo-Nazi de la NSU?

Nous exigeons plus de clarté!

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In remembrance of Aneck E. – racism kills!
On 19 July 2014 Aneck E. (35) drowned at a lido in Berlin (Plötzensee). Why did he have to die, even though a pool attendant was present and people called his attention to Aneck ́s drowning? Isn ́t a trained lifeguard compelled to help – regardless of a person’s skin color or origin, and not dependent on whether a person is a paying customer or swimming next to the lido? What kept him from coming to Aneck’s help? Is it connected to his racist mindset? After all, the lifeguard has been
an active member of the Nazi scene.

Only a few days after Aneck ́s death, family and friends had to find out from the press that the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin has ceased all investigations.

A black man drowns in the middle of the day in the presence of a lifeguard with Nazi connections. Wouldn ́t that be reason enough for the prosecutor’s office and the police to investigate the potential failure to assist a person in danger? Shouldn’t the authorities be on red alert after their complete failure with regard to the investigation of the racist murders committed by the Nazi terrorist group NSU?

We demand an explanation!

Together with Aneck ́s family we will take our questions to the streets and put pressure on the authorities. We know that if we don ́t our questions will never be answered. Support Aneck ́s family so that they can put pressure on the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin to undertake thorough and substantial investigations. Let ́s all fight together against racist realities in our society! Let ́s join the family and remember Aneck at the scene of the accident!