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Meslektaşımız Doğan Akhanlı’nın Tutuklanması

19 Aǧustos 2017 Cumartesi itibariyle arkadaşımız ve meslektaşımız Dogan Akhanlı’nın Granada’da tutuklandığı haberini büyük bir kaygı ile öğrendik. Resmi kaynaklar tutuklama kararının, Türk hükümetinin isteği doğrultusunda İnterpolun kırmızı bültenine dayanılarak yapıldığını doğrulamış bulunmaktadırlar.

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No expansion of police powers in DNA analysis!

In a great hurry, security politicians are currently striving to drastically expand police powers in DNA analysis before the end of this legislative period. In a statement, 25 civil society organizations are protesting this highly questionable move. They criticize a misguided information policy, the violation of data protection rights and fear racist sentiment. Continue reading

NSU slam on police: ‘State & Nazis hand in hand’ does not denigrate state

On the recently blogged criminialization of political anti-racist work, Migazin reports:

“What followed could not have come at a more embarrassing time for the Berlin State Criminal Police Office. On June 10, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office discontinued the criminal proceedings initiated by the police on the grounds of denigration of the state. The prosecution assesses the disputed statement [Staat und Nazis Hand in Hand] as a permissible expression of opinion in the context of the findings on the NSU complex and emphasizes “that the phrase ‘state and Nazis hand in hand’ does not express an equation of the state with Nazis, but only denounces a close cooperation of the state with Nazis.”

This may be provocative and exaggerated, the public prosecutor’s office admits, but adds: “But against the background of the public debate about the role of state organs in connection with the NSU attacks and the topicality of this debate due to the ongoing trial in Munich against those involved in the NSU, as well as the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack in Cologne, the statement is nevertheless to be accepted as a permissible expression of opinion.””

Criminalization of political antiracist work

Since yesterday noon, the freshly hung mural on the corner of Manteuffelstrasse and Oranienstrasse (Berlin-Kreuzberg) commemorating the NSU nail bomb attack in Cologne’s Keupstrasse has a hole and thus a gap in its content – the phrase “NSU: State and Nazis hand in hand” was torn out of the picture by the Berlin Fire Department on behalf of the Berlin police, without a court order. Allmende e.V. and the Alliance Against Racism have issued a press release on this scandalous criminalization of political anti-racist work.