June – Oct. 2023: 4-module online qualification series: At eye level? Decolonial cooperation in project work with “partners” in African countries

Qualification series for activists in development policy organizations, initiatives, migrant self-organizations and for all those who work for global justice.

The project work with African “partners” is built on a very unequal basis. Funds and specifications come from Germany and often people from Germany are deployed in the partner countries, although they lack knowledge about the local structures. But racisms and other power relations are also (unconsciously) reproduced in direct cooperation. Dealing with this reproduction is a comprehensive process. It starts with self-reflection on the one hand and self-empowerment against these conditions on the other. The structures in which the projects take place must change. Nevertheless, decolonial “partnership work” is a first possible building block for this long-term change. Therefore, we offer a qualification series on power- and racism-critical confrontation in the so-called partnership work with African countries. Four webinars teach necessary skills for racism- and power-sensitive collaboration. More information and registration here.