Newsletter January 2019

Dear friends,

we have two announcements for you at the beginning of 2019: an update on the charges against our colleague Tahir Della and a workshop invitation to Munich on February 15. There are still 8 places available!

1st UPDATE: Intimidation due to protest against racist “women’s march”.

In early 2017, our glokal colleague Tahir Della called for a protest against the so-called Women’s March organized by the AfD at the time in a tweet. He was reported for this by an AfD politician.

By law, one may call for “protest” against registered rallies, events and meetings, but not for “disruption” or “blocking”. Sharing an existing tweet (retweet) with this choice of words can also have criminal consequences. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office accepted the complaint and issued Tahir with a penalty order of 1,200€. In the meantime, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office has rejected Tahir’s appeal for the case to be dropped. No justification is required for this. The next step would be to take the case to court.
Tahir’s lawyer then advised him to withdraw the appeal: In the event of a court hearing, there would be a fear that the penalty order would be confirmed, which in turn would lead to an even higher penalty and a criminal record.

We show our solidarity with Tahir and want to draw attention to the political significance of these events:

This is not an isolated incident. Citing supposed neutrality, the AfD defames or prosecutes both state-recognized and non-profit organizations such as the Amadeu-Antonio-Stiftung, the association Miteinander e.V., or members of parliament such as Canan Bayram for their commitment to a society of the many.

We call to continue to disagree and take to the streets to demonstrate against right-wing populist groups and parties. The AfD’s attempt to criminalize civil society protest must not succeed! Resistance to exclusion and racism is something that should be a matter of course in a democratic country. At the same time, it must be taken into account in the future that calls to “disrupt” and “block” can lead to proceedings and that the AfD will continue to use this means in the future.

If you would like to help us raise the money for the penalty payment, you can do so by using the account number HERE with the reference “No Intimidation”. However, we must point out that this financial support (unlike other donations to glokal e.V.) is not tax deductible. Thank you very much!

We would like to thank all those who have supported Tahir so far! We are happy about so much solidarity and hope to get the amount of 1200€ plus procedural and legal costs together. If we get more money than needed, Tahir will donate it to Red Aid.

2nd workshop “History-Power-Body” on 15.02.2019 in Munich
There will be another open workshop of glokal in February 2019: On 15.02.2019 you will have the chance to participate in a glokal workshop with Kristina Kontzi and Mariana Lo Sasso on the topic “History-Power-Body” in Munich. Description and registration can be found here. Register until
there are still 8 places!

We wish you a great start of the year and warm greetings,

the glokal team