Newsletter March 2019

To all the people out there in solidarity …

1. solidarity: thank you to you!
Last December, among other things, we made it known via our glokal newsletter that our colleague Tahir had to pay a fine of 1200€ for a tweet against the so-called women’s march of the AfD.

Since then, many of you have shown great solidarity and made it clear: Protest and resistance against the new right is right and important for you! Even though the AfD will continue to try to break and criminalize resistance to its exclusionary ideology and policies on many levels, we must not allow ourselves to be intimidated.

Tahir forwards the excess money donated for legal aid of other activists. This is to practice solidarity with people who have been criminalized by their protest.

We thank you again for your solidarity! See you on panels, info events and on the street!

2. project “Welcome without paternalism”: new qualification series starting in May 2019

At the end of January, we successfully completed our second qualification series for people with refugee experience. In the project OPAT – Welcome without Paternalism, up to 10 people with refugee experience had the opportunity to be trained as multipliers and consultants in political education in order to be able to work as trainers in the field of racism sensitization and empowerment in the future.

From May 2019 to early 2020, we have another opportunity to offer a qualification series for up to 10 people with refugee experience. Also in our third qualification series, the following topics are covered in five modules of 3 days each, in coordination with the needs of the participants:

1) Empowerment
2) Methodology for working with groups
3) Dealing with dominance and power relations in work with groups.
4) Introducing the systemic power critical approach to education.
5) Reflection of the own role
6) Design of the participants’ own workshop format.

Please contact us at the following eMail if you want to participate in the series: opat[ät]glokal[dot]org

And: Feel free to forward the information!

Many greetings, the glokal team