Newsletter November 2018

Dear friends,

in our November newsletter we want to tell you about the following topics:

1. deportation: limited freedom for our speaker Immaculate Adet
2nd events: Open glokal workshop in Berlin on 14.12.2018
3. fundraising campaign: support the work of glokal
4. facebook: What is glokal doing!

1. deportation
Since Tuesday morning, our colleague, glokal speaker Immaculate Adet, is in – limited – freedom! Thank you again for your letters to the mayor, calls to the minister of the interior and mails to department 5! At the end of September, we colleagues and supporters of Adet submitted a petition calling for her residence permit. Since the Bavarian parliament and its committees have to be reassembled after the election, Adet will remain at liberty until the petition committee meets! So we continue to hope for good news and keep you posted.

2nd workshop
In our project connecting the dots – history(s) of oppression and resistance there will be another open workshop on December 14, 2018 in Berlin.

Historical theater workshop: Stories of Resistance, speakers Aki Krishnamurthy and Sebastian Fleary. Read more here.

Sign up quick and spread the word! Places are limited. Also read the publication of the same name and try our eLearning tool.

3. fundraiser
The work of glokal for a decolonization of society requires daily commitment from us!
If you donate here for glokal, you support us to secure existing projects and to implement new ideas.

Through our political education and counseling work, we aim to question and dismantle structures of exploitation, unfreedom, and domination, and to empower people with experiences of racism and marginalization. Our current projects are Without Paternalism, a qualification series for people with refugee experience and connecting the dots, a decolonizing exhibition on development. We also continue to work steadily on our historic eLearning tool connecting the dots and the material platform mangoes & bullets. We thank you!

4. glocal on Facebook?!
Tax evasion, data theft, propaganda: it is becoming increasingly clear that the Facebook group is playing right at the top of the league of the most dubious companies in the world. The latest scandal: Now glokal – always ahead of our time – also has a page there: Under glokal e.V. you can read daily news, reading tips, calls to action, quotes from our eLearning tool connecting the dots or interesting materials from our platform mangoes & bullets. Have fun with it!

Warm regards,

the glokal team