7.11.18 in front of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin: solidarity with caravan of refugees on their way to the U.S.

We hereby distribute the call of different organizations for Wednesday, 07.11.18 at 12:30 in front of the US Embassy, Pariser Platz 2, 10117 Berlin:

Stop the war against migrants – Solidarity with the Caravan of Refugees from Central America!

For weeks, refugees/migrants have been marching on foot from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador north to the Mexican border with the goal of finding protection and life prospects in the United States.
At the border, however, they already expect humiliation and violence from the police and military. The Trump administration has ordered up to 15,000 troops to the border with Mexico, according to media.

Descendants of the white settlers of that time withdraw from responsibility and the American ruler Trump escalates with his racist and inhuman domestic and foreign policy. In the USA, too, Trump’s policies have made the situation more threatening for migrants, Muslims, Blacks, and LGBTI* persons.

Whether refugees are being turned away and drowning at European borders or the U.S. is deploying soldiers against migrants at the border to Mexico – we protest against any closure and exclusion against migrants in the U.S. and Europe. – We don’t want to wait until shots are fired again and people die.

We raise our voices and demand freedom of movement and the right to live in
Security and dignity for all people everywhere. Whether in Europe, the USA or anywhere else. We stand up for a world without borders and demand an immediate end to the war and the inhuman rhetoric against migrants!
Therefore, we call you to a rally in solidarity with the Central/Central American refugees/migrants and against the inhumane Trump policies

Date: Wednesday, 07.11.18 at 12.30 pm
Location: In front of the U.S. Embassy, Pariser Platz 2, 10117 Berlin.

Initial caller:
– Refugee Council Berlin e.V.
– Youth without borders / JOG Berlin
– KommMit e.V. / BBZ
– Reach Out-Ariba e.V.
– Association of Iranian Refugees in Berlin e.V.