October 2018 Newsletter

Dear friends,

again some months have passed since our last newsletter and we have a lot to report.

1. detention pending deportation: update from our speaker Immaculate Adet
2nd workshops: Two open events by glokal in Berlin and Munich in fall/winter 2018.
3. gentrification: Support the email action of our house Lause 10!
4. reading material: three articles by glokal members

1. detention pending deportation
Our colleague, glokal speaker Immaculate Adet, is still in deportation custody in Bavaria! We thank you for your emails and letters to Adet and for the pressure you have put on authorities and politicians. We continue to advocate for Adet together with a local alliance from Bayreuth. If you have ideas for further support, please contact us at info[ÄT]glokal[PUNKT]org.

2. workshops
In our project Connecting the Dots – Stories of Oppression and Resistance , there will be two open workshops in November and December. Sign up quickly and spread the word! Places are limited.

2.1. Connecting the Dots: History – Power – Body
November 30, 2018, Munich, speakers Mariana Lo Sasso and Kristina Kontzi
How can we excavate history(s), read them, remember them, make them audible and tangible, and use them for our designs for the future? In the workshop we bridge the gap between theory and emotional learning. Read more here.

2.2. Historical theater workshop: Stories of Resistance
December 14, 2018, Berlin, Speakers Aki Krishnamurthy and Sebastian Fleary
The last 500 years have been marked not only by European expansion, conquest, exploitation, subjugation and genocide, but also always by resistance to them. Taking up glokal’s timeline method, we want to work exclusively with resistant and racialized perspectives in our workshop and focus on the long inspiring history of resistance. Read more here.

Also read the publication of the same name and try our postcolonial eLearning tool!

3. gentrification
The glokal office is located in Lausitzer Straße 10. The tenants of Lausitzer Straße 10 and 11 are a house community that has grown over decades. We are political and artistic initiatives, NGOs, craftspeople and creatives, families and residential communities.
In December 2016, we became aware that the buildings, owned by the Tækker Group, were to be sold. In the brokerage firm’s exposé, a purchase price of a good 20 million euros was called for the property – an 800% increase in the purchase price. The Tækker Group had paid the city – under the government of the Red-Red Senate – only 2.3 million euros for the buildings in 2007.
Now the first notices are in the house! Please support our email campaign to Jørn Tækker. Here you can find templates for emails. More background can be found on the Forever Lause website.

4. reading material
Finally, some reading material from glokal members: By Adam Baher on migrant struggles[here], Daniel Bendix on the connection between flight and development[here] and Carolin Philipp on neo-fascism in Greece[here].

We would also like to draw your attention to our platform mangoes&bullets, where you can find material for your political work: methods for workshops, books, pictures, art projects, inspiration etc.

Warm regards,

the glokal team