Renaming of M-Strasse: Berliner Kurier publishes false results

Last week several hundred people gathered in Berlin-Mitte for the “8. Commemorative march for the African victims of colonialism, slave trade and racist violence: Mandela- statt Mohrenstraße” gathered. A detailed report can be read here. Two days earlier, there was a digital poll on the Berliner Kurier site about renaming M-Strasse, but the results were extremely distorted, as the following press release scandalizes:

Press release
The “Berliner Kurier” published in its print edition of yesterday, Thursday, 20.2.2014, the result of a survey on the renaming of Mohrenstraße in Mandelastraße. It is said that only 10% of the participants were in favor of the renaming. Until the evening before, the poll ran in the online edition of the article. Many people there participated in the survey. The moment a majority in favor of the renaming emerged (49% at about 22:00), the poll was shut down in a flash. A characteristic process like the BK with unpleasant opinion deals.
We ask the editorial staff of the Berliner Kurier to publish the actual result of the survey by 22:00 last night, even if the result is unpleasant for the editorial staff. It is a journalistic imperative to report information truthfully and completely and not to mislead the participants in the survey or the readers. Since the poll ran until about 22:00, you also have to publish the result by that time. We urge the editors to adhere to journalistic standards and publish the true result.
Africa Council Berlin-Brandenburg
Federation against ethnic discrimination in the
Federal Republic of Germany
Global African Congress
Initiative Black People in Germany
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