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The racist police selection on New Year’s Eve in Cologne must be followed by political consequences

In its press release of 10.01.2017, the Antirassistische Initiative e.V. strongly condemns the racist segregation of visitors to the Domplatte on New Year’s Eve and their denigration by the Cologne police and demands consequences for those responsible. Continue reading

Bayer HealthCare’s Jadelle contraceptive implant – protest against population policy-motivated marketing offensive

On the occasion of tomorrow’s Annual Stockholders’ Meeting of Bayer, glokal e.V., together with the Gen-ethischen Netzwerk e.V., the BUKO Pharma-Kampagne and the Department of Development Policy and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Kassel, is protesting against the company’s worldwide marketing offensive with the hormone implant Jadelle.

Press Release

of the Gen-ethischen Netzwerk e.V., glokal e.V., the BUKO Pharma-Kampagne as well as the Department of Development Policy and Postcolonial Studies of the University of Kassel

Bayer HealthCare’s Jadelle contraceptive implant: protest against population policy-motivated marketing offensive

Cologne, May 27, 2015: On the occasion of Bayer’s Annual Stockholders’ Meeting, non-governmental organizations and a university department in Kassel are protesting against the company’s global marketing offensive with the hormone implant Jadelle. The organizations, which will be present at the General Assembly with their own speeches, criticize frequent side effects and a subordination of reproductive health concerns to population policy goals. They are calling for a halt to the marketing of Jadelle as part of population policy programs. Continue reading

Refugee women’s group on tour across Germany: interim results

Since 14.07.2014, the feminist group ‘Women in Exile & Friends’ has been traveling from Nuremberg to Berlin with Heinz Ratz’s escape ship project. With a journey on rafts, they draw attention to the situation of refugee women and children and, as part of an accompanying program in shelters for asylum seekers, talk to the residents about their concerns and problems. Now they are taking stock. Continue reading

Trials against racism in Munich nightlife

Last year, in cooperation with the Munich Foreigners’ Advisory Council, Hamado Dipama conducted a test action in 25 Munich nightclubs and discos on April 19, 2013 and April 20, 2013 with six friends of different origins and with the journalist IsabelIe Hartmann from Bayerischer Rundfunk. The result was devastating. Of the total of 25 clubs and discos visited, the campaign participants of African and Turkish origin were granted admission to only 5 of the 25 venues, while the comparison persons were admitted to every club without exception. Now the Munich District Court has come to the astonishing conclusion that there is no evidence of discrimination against the plaintiff Hamado Dipama. The Munich Foreigners’ Advisory Council has issued the following press release on this scandalous court decision. Continue reading

Poverty Immigration – A Populist Myth

Amaro Foro e.V. and the Rroma-Informations-Centrum have issued a joint press release in which they criticize the planned tightening of the law by the German government, which is to take action against the alleged social abuse by Romanian and Bulgarian citizens. The two organizations point out that this populist measure promotes racist prejudices and stirs up fears. Social abuse takes place first and foremost on the part of the German economy, which profits from the precarious situation of many immigrants. To the press release

Criminalization of political antiracist work

Since yesterday noon, the freshly hung mural on the corner of Manteuffelstrasse and Oranienstrasse (Berlin-Kreuzberg) commemorating the NSU nail bomb attack in Cologne’s Keupstrasse has a hole and thus a gap in its content – the phrase “NSU: State and Nazis hand in hand” was torn out of the picture by the Berlin Fire Department on behalf of the Berlin police, without a court order. Allmende e.V. and the Alliance Against Racism have issued a press release on this scandalous criminalization of political anti-racist work.

For Whites Only? Return of looted bones to Namibia behind closed doors

[Update to this blog post under Receipt of Bones Boycotted].

Joint Press Release of the International NGO Alliance “Genocide has no statute of limitations!” and the Central Council of the African Community in Germany

For Whites Only?

Germany excludes descendants of colonized people and critical public from return of further stolen bones to Namibia in Berlin Charité. 120 NGOs demand apology and reparations for colonial land theft and genocide in Namibia. Central Council of the African Community in Germany demands return of all bones and cultural treasures appropriated in Africa.

Continue reading