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Mail for the Klett publishing house for the new school year

Yesterday we sent our open letter to the Klett publishing house on the discontinuation of the I*** booklets. More than 200 signatories from schools, politics, academia and civil society from Germany and abroad have signed our demands and oppose the discriminatory and stereotypical portrayal of Native Americans in “Meine Indianerhefte” published by Klett Verlag. On our online portal mangoes&bullets we have compiled a series of further materials and background literature.

(In)Security in postcolonial development education in Germany

Last year, two glokal members participated in a roundtable on “What Do We Teach?”. How Do We Teach It? Critical Pedagogies and World Politics” at the International Studies Association Annual Convention in San Francisco, USA. The event resulted in a collection of publications that has now been published in the journal Critical Studies on Security. Here you can find the abstract of our article “(In)Security in postcolonial development education in Germany” (unfortunately it is not freely available, but only for much, much money).