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spontaneous poster advertising for #ausnahmslos in Erfurt, via twitter

spontaneous poster advertising for #ausnahmslos in Erfurt, via twitter

After the racist media reports in the aftermath of New Year’s Eve in Cologne, a group of feminist bloggers and authors have launched the call #ausnahmslos. Together with hundreds of signatories, they are calling for “Against sexualized violence and racism. Always. Everywhere.” and formulate demands to politicians and the media.

The appeal can be co-signed here.


Sexist shitstorm and declarations of solidarity

After scientists who are engaged in gender and sexuality research were insulted in the strongest sexist and homophobic way and personally threatened because of their sexual pedagogical publications in the last weeks in media like Facebook, in blogs and with e-mails, colleagues and initiatives declare their solidarity by declarations of solidarity. These then in turn become the target of hostility. Even the university establishment has been moved to issue a statement in light of the scale of the attacks.


Unspeakable STIHLlos: Appeal against Stihl calendar disrespecting women

This year’s Weltweitwissen Congress, entitled “Changing Perspectives – Nationwide Congress on Global Learning and Education for Sustainable Development,” took place January 16-18 at the Haus der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. To the dismay of many attendees, the photo exhibition for this year’s STIHL erotic calendar (attention trigger warning) was prominently displayed in the foyer. This year’s calendar (circulation 900,000) of the Swabian chainsaw manufacturer, which has been around for 40 years(!) with similar discriminatory images, is described as follows:

“Inspired by fascinating night shots of wild animals, the interplay between femininity and technology is staged as a nocturnal encounter in “Unique Encounters.” Caught by the light of the camera, women move like shy animals in the impressive nature of South Africa.”

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