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Return of cultural objects and human bones to Africa

In an open letter initiated by Berlin Postkolonal (also in English and French on the same page), many organizations, initiatives and individuals call on the German government to advocate for the restitution of ritual objects and human remains from colonial contexts of injustice. The letter can be signed by organizations until January 7, 2018. Please send a mail to buero(at)berlin-postkolonial.de. Please forward to appropriate organizations at home and abroad!

Looted art and academic colonisation in Germany

The Archaeological Association of Nigeria (AAN) accuses the curators of the recent German Nok exhibition in Frankfurt of academic colonization of archaeology for failing to agree to the exhibition first being hosted on Nigerian soil and for several other breaches concerning the heritage of Nigeria. For more information, see the statement by the AAN, an article on Pambazuka by the president of the AAN, Zacharys Anger Gundu, and an essay by Kwame Opoku in Modern Ghana.