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Trivialization of the Shoah at Deutsche Bahn

As early as last October, Deutsche Bahn announced that it would name one of its new ICE 4 high-speed trains after Anne Frank. This decision has been widely discussed and has provoked different reactions, but has mostly been heavily criticized. The name suggestions had been collected in an open tender. The final decision was made by a jury of six PR and marketing experts, chaired by senior Group historian Susanne Kill. Continue reading

Return of cultural objects and human bones to Africa

In an open letter initiated by Berlin Postkolonal (also in English and French on the same page), many organizations, initiatives and individuals call on the German government to advocate for the restitution of ritual objects and human remains from colonial contexts of injustice. The letter can be signed by organizations until January 7, 2018. Please send a mail to buero(at)berlin-postkolonial.de. Please forward to appropriate organizations at home and abroad!

On the International Day for Reparations

October 12 has many meanings: Columbus Day, Día de la Raza, Indigenous Resistance Day, or International Day for Reparations. For this purpose, we want to point out a few events in short message format:

In Berlin, the Bundestag committees discussing the genocide of Herereo and Nama kept their doors closed to a group of genocide researchers from the Herero community from the USA, as did the Berlin Society for Anthropology, Ethnology and Prehistory (BGAEU). The press release of the campaign alliance Völkermord verjährt nicht can be found here.

In Caracas/Venezuela, the statue of Christopher Columbus was replaced with an anti-colonial statue , and in the U.S., work continues on Transforming Columbus Day. There is a recent article at Latino Rebels.

In Berlin, the blog “Rassismus_Verlernen: Kämpfe um Reparationen für Kolonialismus und Versklavungshandel” went online with first contributions. Recent posts by ColonialismReparation can be found here.


Representatives of Herero and Nama visit Berlin

Following the Armenia debate, civil society and the opposition are calling for recognition of the genocide committed by the German “Schutztruppe” in 1904-08 in what is now Namibia. Herero and Nama leaders are expected in Berlin for the presentation of an appeal, public commemorations and discussion sessions. Continue reading

Petition concerning Hereros’ & Namas’ Genocide Reparations from Germany

Today, activists are delivering a petition to Germany Embassies and General-Consulates all over the world to support the just quest by Herero representatives for reparations from Germany for the German colonial genocide. In Berlin, the petition is handed over by the NGO alliance
“Genocide has no statute of limitations!” (see the press release). On this occasion, the German-Namibian website www.genocide-namibia.net is launched.

Commemorative march on 28.2. in Berlin

Next Saturday, 28.2. the 9th commemorative march in memory of the African victims of enslavement, human trafficking, colonialism and racist violence will take place in Berlin, called by an alliance around the Central Council of the African Community.

In this context also the reference to the current petition of the Ovaherero and Nama with the demand for reparations for the genocide of 1904-1908.

Reception of looted bones boycotted by Herero and Nama people

The international NGO alliance “Genocide has no statute of limitations!” reported last week:

“Scandal in Windhoek: Herero and Nama Boycott Reception of Bones from Berlin

Around 7 a.m. today, the bones of 35 African people – among them victims of the genocide against the Herero and Nama – who were taken to Germany for racist research during the colonial era, arrived in the Namibian capital Windhoek. At 10 a.m., government had invited the concerned ethnic groups and their traditional leaders to the Parliament Garden, where about 300 people gathered. Nevertheless, half of the chairs remained empty.

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For Whites Only? Return of looted bones to Namibia behind closed doors

[Update to this blog post under Receipt of Bones Boycotted].

Joint Press Release of the International NGO Alliance “Genocide has no statute of limitations!” and the Central Council of the African Community in Germany

For Whites Only?

Germany excludes descendants of colonized people and critical public from return of further stolen bones to Namibia in Berlin Charité. 120 NGOs demand apology and reparations for colonial land theft and genocide in Namibia. Central Council of the African Community in Germany demands return of all bones and cultural treasures appropriated in Africa.

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