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Documentation of the conference “Self-determined and in solidarity!”

In the meantime, we have managed to complete the video documentation of the Conference “Self-determined and in solidarity! Conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis”. to be completed in the form of some video recordings. You can find all the panels here. Photos can be found here and here. As an introduction, we especially recommend this short conference video with many impressions of the conference.

A video report about the racially motivated police violence against two speakers and participants of the conference can be found here. In response to our press release and that of the Initiativkreis: Menschen.Würdig there were numerous press reports. You can find a selection here.

You can also find a lot of information about the conference in the new taz supplement of Afrique-Europe-Interact.

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Conference on migration / overshadowed by racism by police

In Leipzig on Sunday the conference “Self-determined and in solidarity! Conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis” ended in Leipzig on Sunday.

For three days, more than 700 participants from various social movements discussed in Leipzig’s “Westbad” the ways in which flight and migration are linked to the manifold ecological crises of our time and the prevailing ideas of social development. Participants included initiatives working on flight and migration, freedom of movement, climate, capitalism, agriculture and degrowth – many refugees and migrants were also involved. Continue reading

Refugee Policy in Germany: “First Trickery, Then Starvation”

For 11 days now, the Berlin Senate, with the help of a large police force, has been starving and thirsting refugee activists on the roof of a hostel for refugees in Gürtelstrasse. Doctors who warn of the serious consequences of dehydration and want to bring water are not allowed through. Press is not allowed to the protesters. The few people who show solidarity are harassed and their protest against the inhumane actions of politics and police is made impossible. Go here to the blog and Twitter for information including press reviews and ways to support.


Repeated police violence against trans*of color – a press release from LesMigraS and GLADT.

On October 23, 2013, one of our employees was arrested together with three other protesters at a rally against police violence and arrests of activists of the refugee protest camp at Oranienplatz (Berlin-Kreuzberg). During the police custody, which lasted about an hour, the police officers behaved in a discriminatory and violent manner towards our colleague. In the process, his basic rights, which any state and executive authority is obligated to uphold according to the Basic Law, were strongly disregarded and violated. Continue reading