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Mall of Shame – Migrant workers fight against exploitation

The construction of the “Mall of Berlin” is said to have cost about one billion euros and now, in the pre-Christmas period, it is becoming a symbol of the exploitation of migrant workers from other EU countries that has become commonplace. A group of Romanian workers has been fighting for weeks for the payment of their already low wages. More info here.

Film tip: Concerning Violence

Yesterday the German tour of the film“Concerning Violence – Nine Scenes from the Anti-Imperialistic Self Defense” by Göran Hugo Olsson started. The film is a visual underscore of Frantz Fanon’s 1961 anti-colonial manifesto “The Damned of the Earth.” Historical footage is combined with excerpts of Fanon’s text spoken by Lauryn Hill and embedded by a foreword by Gayatri C. Spivak.

The film has been awarded the film prize “cinema fairbinds“The film has been awarded the prize. On the page of the ministry it says: “With the award, the BMZ honors films that in an outstanding way invite current dialogue on particular aspects of the North-South relationship.” With this, the BMZ underlines the importance of colonialism, racism and capitalism criticism for current debates on development cooperation.

A list of all performances in Germany can be found here.



The Big Five as dangerous as ever: German development cooperation, colonial-racist imagery, and civil society’s response

In response to the various statements against the BMZ poster campaign “The Big Five”, we have written an article that is intended to present a self-critical review and to make the debate accessible to an English-speaking audience. The article has been published in the journal Critical Literacy: Theories and Practices. We hope it is helpful for the further discussion about racism and power relations in DC. The article can be downloaded here.